Tiger fathered love child: UK TV claim

A UK TV documentary, scheduled for Thursday, the first day of the US Open, claims Tiger Woods has an illegitimate child.

A UK TV documentary scheduled to air on Thursday, the first day of the US Open, claims that Tiger Woods has an illegitimate child.

The documentary, The Sun has alleged, claims that Theresa Rogers gave birth to a baby girl fathered by Woods in 2003 and further claims that she asked to be paid close to $3 million for her silence.

The allegation is made in a documentary called ‘Tiger Woods; The Rise and Fall’ about which a former <1>Men’s Fitness editor Neal Boulton is reported to have said: There is a lot more to come out. Tiger will eventually admit to fathering a child.”

Boulton says he has an undisclosed source that has intimate knowledge of the child and claims to have DNA evidence to back up the claims.

Previewing the up-coming show this week, Channel 4 of London said: “Presenter and journalist Jacques Peretti directs a one-off documentary analyzing the rise and fall of the flawed golf genius.

Meeting the people who really know Tiger’s story, Jacques attempts to try and understand his behaviour.

“He investigates the making of Tiger, how corporate America influenced the brand and the man, what drove him to become the world’s first billion-dollar sporting icon, and why it all came crashing down.”