TaylorMade launching new Tour pro irons

The TaylorMade Golf Company Inc. has announced ‘a new tour-caliber player’s set of irons, the r7 TPs’.

The TaylorMade Golf Company Inc. has announced ‘a new tour-caliber player’s set of irons, the r7 TPs’.
Targeted at tour pros and low handicappers, the r70 TP with its compact head, thin top line and thin sole, “is designed to promote blade-like feel and workability along with “constant distance,” meaning the same, consistent yardage from shot to shot to shot – even on mis-hits”.
The r7 TP iron, Say Taylor Made, also features:
– “A large cavity for an iron of this type, the design of which promotes a higher MOI for a surprising degree of forgiveness. ..
– “And TaylorMade’s next-generation Inverted Cone Technology, in the form of the oval-shaped “cone” in the cavity, which increases the size of the COR zone”.
The result of all this, they say, is consistent ball speed and distance on hits away from the sweet spot.
“The r7 TP iron’s excellent stability and forgiveness, in conjunction with the positive affect of the Inverted Cone, together promote the r7 TP iron’s ability to deliver extraordinary distance consistency from shot to shot”.
The r7 TP iron’s is said to have “great feel and sound” which, says TayloyMasde, arise from their new shock-absorption web, which is positioned in the cavity.
The web, made of a thin layer of soft aluminum that reaches out to each corner of the clubhead, is bonded to the cavity with 3M VHB Tape.
VHB Tape is a double-sided, closed cell acrylic foam tape with viscoelastic properties that absorb shock and soften sound.
It is the combination of the web and the tape, plus the precise manner in which the web is shaped and positioned, that delivers tour-caliber feel.
Additional performance features include minimal offset, a slightly flatter lie angle and a tour-configured sole.
The minimal offset and a flatter lie angle together give players with tour-caliber hand action what they need to work the ball and play “shots.”
The higher CG, which is made possible by the shallow cavity, promotes a controllable, tour-type trajectory.
The tour-configured sole was developed by the team that mans the TaylorMade Tour Trailer week in and week out on the PGA Tour, and incorporates a specially ground leading edge and softened trailing edge that discourage digging and instead glides smoothly through and clear of the turf.
The new irons will come equipped with the tour-proven True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft in R3, S3 and X1; and the tour-proven Tour Velvet grip with TaylorMade logo, which delivers an unparalleled combination of traction, comfort and feel.
Shaft flexes include X, S, and R.
“Tour professionals put a premium on distance-control with their irons,” said Sean Toulon, TaylorMade executive vice president of product and brand development.
“When they hit a shot, they need to be confident that the ball will travel the chosen yardage, every time.
“We created the r7 TP to deliver constant distance from one swing to the next, thanks in part to its Inverted Cone Technology.
“And, like all Tour Preferred irons that TaylorMade creates, the r7 TP irons look beautiful, feel great and offer tour-caliber workability. We expect them to generate an enthusiastic following among tour pros and low handicappers alike.”
The cost?
A set of r7 TP irons, including a 3-iron through to PW, carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,000 with steel shafts and $1,200 for graphite shafts.
They will be availability in Right-handed and left-handed versions from October at TaylorMade’s retail partners.
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