Ping i15 Club Review

We’ve given the thumbs up to Ping’s G15 series but what does our office’s best golfer make of the new i15 range?

(Words: David Keywood – handicap 2)

Ping i15 Driver
(Spec: 9.5 degree, TFC700 D Stiff flex shaft)
I have/had been using a Ping G2 driver for the past three years and have to say it was a driver which I grew to love. That was until my home club championship second round when a moment of madness saw my favourite club snap in half!

I could pretty much hit any type of shot with the G2 and had the confidence to do so. I had previously visited the Ping fitting centre in May, tried the G10 and Rapture drivers to be told there was only a minor difference between the shots I hit.

When I was given the i15 I assumed straight away that this club would never take the place of the G2. I had been blind to i15 clubs up until this day; when I took the head cover off I was transfixed with the beauty and shading of the head. I just wanted to go out try it out. I chose to take this club straight onto the golf course rather then bash balls all over a driving range.

My first impression was good, very good. The connection of ball on club felt more solid then the previous Ping drivers I have used. I felt like I had gained extra distance because of the solid connection which only added to my confidence. This club is very forgiving when you miss the sweet spot and little distance is lost.

In conclusion, I have used the driver for a full three rounds and, being in the market for a new driver, having this club made my mind up for me. I’ll definitely be purchasing one in the near future.

Ping i15 Fairway Wood
(Spec: 15.5 degree, TFC700 D Stiff flex shaft)
I have used a variety of different fairway woods in the past four years but I have to say the i15 is again the nicest to look at. I was a little sceptical with the 15.5 degree of the club but none the less I decided to ‘get to know the club’ before judging. The club is designed to produce lower spinning shots with a penetrating trajectory which in all honesty didn’t happen with any of the shots I played with the club, although that might not actually be a negative point. I hit the ball quite low anyway and to get some extra height and feel like I haven’t lost any distance was a major plus point.

Ping i15 Hybrid
(Spec: 20 degree, TFC700 D Stiff flex shaft)
I’m not really a big fan of hybrid clubs mainly due to the fact I don’t like the look of them and don’t feel comfortable using them. The 20 degree club is similar to a 3-iron and when on the tee I would choose to hit the iron rather then the hybrid all day. However when you need to get more height on a shot but not lose distance or if you have caught the semi rough the hybrid comes into its own. The club itself felt light to me but although lightweight it certainly packs a punch. The hybrids’ siblings are the lookers in the i15 family but nonetheless it’s a great accompaniment to driver and fairway wood.

Ping i15 irons
(Spec: 5,7,9 Irons. Awt Stiff flex shaft)
I’ve had bad experiences with Ping irons in the past and I came to the conclusion that I prefer forged head irons for more feel. I have used the True Temper S300 shafts in my previous two sets of irons and didn’t really like the change to AWT. I’m not sure if the shaft or swing weight was lighter to what I was used to but I pushed every shot out to the right, although with that said the clubs are so forgiving and the heads seem bigger to previous Ping I models. I would suggest going to the fitting centre before buying any Ping irons as they can make the transformation from previous clubs very minor.