MxV1 stunner coming

The stunning, revolutionary new MxV1 Golf putter has been approved and is set to go to market in December.

The stunning, revolutionary new MxV1 Golf putter has been approved for all professional golf circuits and is scheduled to go to market in the US in December.

In the meantime the MxV Golf company have announced that they are already taking order for their unique, new round-faced putter, which is based on the principals of Newton’s Cradle and its example of momentum (mass x velocity or MxV) and of which Brian Wittman, it’s inventor, says: “during its development we discovered that the same concept (of the Cradle) applied to our club.

“Our ‘centre strike technology’ as we call it, advanced a truer roll and a more accurate strike.

“Our heavyweight (400 grams) MxV1 is at the crossroads of evolution and revolution.

“There is simply no other viable putter on the market today that approaches the center of gravity the way we do; By essentially striking a ball with another ball, you almost can’t miss the center of gravity.

“The radius of our putter face is exactly that of a standard US Golf Ball (1.68 inches) and even with a minor tolerance we have found more accurate strikes and optimal roll, time after time… not to mention its quite a head turner on the green.”

Each MxV1 Putter is precision milled from brass and finished in a black carbon matte coating. The putter features a ball alignment mark in orange on the leading edge of the club face radius and a cut out ball profile on the back edge. The back edge profile can also be used to lift the ball off the green.

A tapered steel shaft is mounted in the center of the putter head and features a composite rubber grip with a flat paddle front, promoting a controlled confident stroke that produces an improved alignment and truer roll.

A custom leather head cover is included and features a magnetic closure, a soft plush interior and full embroidered logo graphics.

The MxV1 Putter is available in right hand, left hand and with a straight pendulum (long and belly putter) shaft configurations and can be ordered for a mid-December delivery from MxVGolf with a retail price of $249.

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