Mudball rule angers Tiger

Tiger Woods said that dropping four shots in the last four holes of the first round of the US Open left him angry and frustrated.

Tiger Woods admitted that dropping four shots in the lastl four holes of the 1st round of the US Open had left him angry and frustrated.
However, the world number one was clearly most angry with thye USGA for not allowing the lift, clean and place rule to come into effect following the recent heavy rain that has made the course so wet and muddy.
Soggy conditions usually mean players are allowed to clean their ball at any time and place it back close to it’s original position, but US Open officials are insistent that the most difficult conditions should prevail for their championship event.
Asked if the rule should be implemented, Woods said: “It’s already too late. They may now for the second round but who knows.
“It’s pot luck. You hit good shots and you go play it from there. Whether we play ball in hand or ball down, everyone has to play the same conditions.
“I think the guys who are playing today and tomorrow morning are going to get more mud balls. It’s only going to get worse (as it dries out), unless we get more rain.”
Woods obviously would rather not leave anything to chance, especially having let slip a good position after clawing his way back to even par with four to play.
“I wasn’t playing poorly, I was even par with four holes to go and I was right there where I needed to be,” he added.
“Two bad shots and a mud ball later, here we go and I’m at four over.
“Hopefully I can clean up the round a little bit, maybe tomorrow, drive the ball in the fairway and get a couple of breaks. Overall the golf course is playing difficult.”