Some 37 years after Royal Birkdale made him famous, ‘Mr Lu’ still hopes to return “one day” to meet a woman he hit on the head.

Thirty-seven years after Royal Birkdale made him world famous, Taiwan’s ‘Mr Lu’ has said he still hopes to return “one day” for a reunion with the woman he hit on the head that week.
Lu Liang-huan, now aged 73, treated Lillian Tipping and her husband to an all expenses paid holiday to his home country after the incident on the final hole of the 1971 championship in which he finished runner-up to Lee Trevino.
“This time I cannot make it, but I’ll never forget that day,” he said.
“When I go back next time maybe we can meet up. I would like to see her again.”
Lu is more into course designing than playing these days – including work on what he describes as “the best 10 in Japan and one in China” – but was happy to report that he can still compete on his day.
In one round last year, he added: “I shot 66. Seven birdies, one bogey.
“Now I’d be lucky to shoot 100, but I hope that my body will allow me to continue to play. I need the exercise.”
Lu charmed the galleries in 1971, tipping his pork-pie hat following each successful shot in the 100th edition of the event, and Mrs Tipping quickly forgave him.
“I’ll never forget that woman. I was so sorry when I hit her – I hit her so hard.
“She said ‘Mr Lu, get another birdie for me’.” He did, but Trevino matched it to win by one.
The following week at the French Open she sent him daily cables wishing him well and he took the title.