Monty is in trouble. With his Ryder Cup hopes rapidly receeding, it’s time for him to to get up and walk the walk.

Monty is in trouble.
His chances of recapturing his Ryder Cup place in the European Team are receding rapidly as Darren Clarke and Paul Casey, operating on different sides of the Atlantic, come up with the kind of heroics that earn Ryder Cup wild cards while he sits on his backside and relies on his reputation as a Ryder Cup kingpin of old.
Well, unless he produces something really special at the Johnnie Walker this week to justify his claim that he needed time out to refresh himself and hone his game and finishes right up at the top end of the field, I reckon Colin Montgomerie can pretty much forget about playing in the Ryder Cup this year.
In fact he might be doing Nick Faldo and everyone else a favour right now if he graciously offered his services as an assistant and, without holding any grudges, accepted that, for the time being at least, he simply doesn’t have enough game for a players role.
There is talk of the much written-about Scot taking on the reigns of Ryder Cup captaincy in the not too distant future so wouldn’t this be a great opportunity for him to come to grips with being one of the back room boys and forgoing some of the glory that has been lavished on his on-field exploits of the past?
Even the greatest players have their time. The secret is knowing when to step back.
If all those missed cuts this year mean anything for the nine-time European Champion, that time might just be now.
Yes this, even if his supporters like Padraig Harrington and Jesper Parnevik have yet to change their minds about his eligibility in the way that former backer and fellow Scot Paul Lawrie has.
Yes Monty, the time for talking the talk is over. It’s up to you now to walk the walk.
Neville leck