Make new golf friends online

A new golf networking website aimed at golfers looking for friendship on the fairways was officially launched late last month.

A new golf networking website,, aimed at golfers looking for friendship on the fairways, was officially launched at the end of January
Although pitched mainly at single male and female golfers at every level of the game, TEEforTWO, say their founders, is more of a social forum for like-minded individuals who love to play golf and share a similar lifestyle that includes meeting new people, travelling and enjoying an active life.
“With TEEforeTWO we are looking to connect golfers who quite simply would like to play more golf,” explains Janet Rampton, co-founder of TEEforeTWO with Michael Rayment.
Some individuals may be looking for a relationship on TEEforeTWO while others may simply wish to widen their circle of friends or play the occasional round with someone of a similar outlook and standard of golf at a different course.
“Golf is a lifestyle thing and, like pleasures such as food, wine and travel, it is something that, in our view, can only really be enjoyed if you have someone to share it with,” continues Janet.
“So Michael and I decided to set up TEEforeTWO with the aim of creating an online club community where golfers can interact, share experiences, arrange to play and hopefully find friendship and enjoyment together.”
TEEforeTWO is unique in the UK in that the common interest of all its members is golf. Its establishment joins a trend towards niche networking websites that eradicate the need for individuals to spend hours and hours trawling through profile after profile to find someone with similar interests.
“So many of the social networking websites in existence are far too generalised so it seemed to make absolute sense to cut out all the peripheral interests that people list and focus on the one common thing that they enjoy most – golf,” concludes Janet.
Janet and Michael were both single when they met playing golf, making them the perfect advert for their new web venture.
“Janet and I met each other playing golf and really enjoyed each other’s company. Immediately the ice was broken, it was very easy to move on and we found we had many other interests in common,” says Michael.
“It seemed such a simple idea to try to create a forum whereby golfers can look for new partners and straight away they have something in common… the love of golf. It is also a great, and safe, environment to meet new people.”
Although it is only in its infancy, TEEforeTWO has already attracted hundreds of registrations from all regions of the UK and Ireland.
Golfers of all handicaps and ages (ranging from 23 to 71 years old) have joined, with the ratio of male to female currently standing at 3:2.
Membership of TEEforeTWO is free of charge – there is a simple registration process involved – and it allows users to view other members’ profiles, as well as the general member benefits.
However, those wishing to interact with other individuals will need to upgrade their membership and pay a subscription fee, which costs from as little as £6 per month.
Members can link up with other users in their area, as well as those further afield if they have spare time during a business trip or would like to meet new friends on holiday or on a weekend away.
To ensure a good match, members are encouraged to upload their profiles (including their golf handicap), post comments on the online Members’ Notice Board, search for events taking place nearby and make use of related websites to which there are links.
TEEforeTWO members are also encouraged to take advantage of member benefits (offered by site partners in sectors such as insurance, wine and golf holidays) and sign up for golf days around the UK run by TEEforeTWO and its partners.
To join and find out more about TEEforeTWO, click on