Lawyers working to stop Tiger sex doll

Lawyers for Tiger Woods are reported to be trying to halt the sale of a series of ‘Tiger’ sex toys.

Lawyers for Tiger Woods are reported to be trying to halt the sale of a series of sex toys which exploit the golfer’s new-found reputation as a sex addict.

The toys include a ‘Take Home, blow-up Tiger Love Doll’ and are for sale on the website of Pipedream Products, which advertises such heady products as “the world’s first rotating vibrating cordless masturbator”.

What is most likely to be most offensive to the World No 1 in the Tiger range is the doll – “Just add air and this cocky champ will share his Major-winning wood with you,” claims an advertisment for the doll on the website.

Pipedream is advertising its Tiger products as being “available for a very limited time only” – possibly becauses they know that Woods’ lawyers are not going to allow them to be sold for very long.

The US gossip website has managed to obtain a copy of a lawyer’s letter to Pipedream demanding that:

-The company stops selling the products
– Recalls all items that have already been distributed.
– Then destroys or disposes of all stock of the offending items “in a manner and at a time as directed by Tiger Woods”.

This isn’t the first time lawyers have been called to deal with offensive products in the wake of the Tiger Woods scandal.

In February, Joslyn James, one of his extramarital girlfriends, called on her lawyers to stop the sale of sets of “mistress” golf balls in which each ball in the set contained a print of the head and face of one of his more than a dozen alleged lovers.

James, a former porn star who this week published on her website a long list of SMS’s she alleged were from Tiger, told a press conference at the time: “As a victim of violence myself, it bothered me to think that someone would be standing with a dangerous club in their hands and hitting a ball a my face on it.”