Here comes the Nike Juice 312

Nike Golf have announced that they are to launch a new ball that will travel “ginormous and hugantic distances”.

Nike Golf have announced that their development team under Rock Ishii has come up with a ball “so powerful and explosive and so certain to energise golfers to ‘juice it’, there could be only one name for it”.
They have called it the Juice 312.
To be introduced into the market from Novemeber 1, the ball’s colourful and innovative packaging will point out that “The Juice provides ginormous and hugantic distance” and could be an important remedy for those golfers in need of confidence on the golf course”
In fact, the announcement adds, because of the new Nike Juice ball’s unique maximum length formula, they have been compelled to remind golfers on the packaging that it’s totally legal.
“Our golf ball genius Rock Ishii and his team have created yet another outstanding product,” Stan Grissinger, Category Business Director for Clubs and Balls for Nike Golf says.
“With the introduction of the Juice, we wanted the power and distance attributes of this ball to stand out in a creative and unique way. As such, we’re letting golfers know they can benefit from Nike Golf’s serious innovative technology while, at the same time, having some fun with the creativity of the product positioning.”
Nike Golf marketing aim to make it very clear to consumers that Juice is a sign of hope for those who have battled psychological challenges due to “flat” ball flight, minimum distance and the endless search for perfect contact.
The Juice provides dramatic improvements.
And to underline this fact it’s packaging for the ball contain other tongue in cheek, chuckle-making warnings, such as: “while the flight and trajectory of the Juice ball are extraordinary, this does not give the player the ability to fly”.
For best results, say Nike, the Juice ball should best compliment golfers with low to mid swing speeds. The two-piece Juice features a low dimple count of 312, representing an all-time low dimple count of any Nike Golf ball. Its low dimple count and high velocity core all combine to maximize carry, increase hang time and minimize drag, translating to greater distance.
With its new 2-piece technology, the Shore D 65 cover provides extra energy to overall ball velocity, but nevertheless maintains adequate spin off the irons. The high velocity, low compression core increases ball speed, yet reduces spin off the driver.
The Juice 312 will carry a suggested retail price of $28.00 per dozen and will be available from November 1, 2006.
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