Get that Mojo 6 working

Jamaica hosts a golfing revolution this week – two days of golf, 6 hole matches, lots and lots of head-to-head action.

Jamaica hosts a golfing revolution this week – two days of golf, 6 hole matches, lots and lots of head-to-head action.
The Mojo 6 is a new tournament on the LPGA schedule and, although unofficial, it is an exciting and potentially ground-breaking event that hopes to attract an entirely new audience whilst enlivening current fans.
Here is our quick guide to what you can expect this week.
What is the Mojo 6?
Put simply – a new and unique way to play the game of golf. Featuring the ‘Raceway Golf’ format it sees 16 golfers compete over two days, playing a total of 30 matches that take place over six holes. Cinnamon Hill GC at Rose Hall in Jamaica hosts on Thursday/Friday 15/16 April.
Ok, what is ‘Raceway Golf’?
If traditional 72-hole golf is a marathon, Raceway Golf is a sprint. Matches take place over the same six holes, but the set-up of those six holes is changed after every round. Each hole is worth one point (halved holes give each player half a point), with victory in the match also worth one point (therefore a maximum of seven points per match).
And how are the match-ups determined?
This starts off sounding complicated but stick with it because it has the potential to be very thrilling and very combative. On Day One the golfers all play three matches each. Prior to the first round the players are ranked by their Rolex World Ranking and this is where things gets very interesting. Why? Because the top ranked player gets to select her first opponent, then the second ranked and so on until eight matches are drawn up. At the end of the first and second round of matches the ranks are reset according to results and the selection of opponents resumes.
So the top ranked players will effectively be announcing to the world who they think they can beat?!
Precisely! It is gladiatorial and offers a very competitive new factor into the game. Some players will thrive on the perceived slight of being nominated a walkover, other might wilt. Equally some better ranked players might feel awkward making bold statements. There are many, many new psychological possibilities.
What happens on day two?
After each player has played three matches on day one, the top eight ranked players progress to the championship bracket (#1 plays #8, #2 plays #7, #3 plays #6, #4 plays #5). These matches are played as straight matchplay through semi-finals to the final.
Whos is playing?
There is a top quality field. America is represented by Cristie Kerr, Morgan Pressel, Kristy McPherson, Brittany Lang, Christina Kim, Angela Stanford, Amanda Blumenherst, Brittany Lincicome and special invitee Mariah Stackhouse. Anna Nordqvist, Suzann Pettersen and Sophie Gustafson hold European hopes. Korea’s Song Hee Kim and Na Yeon Choi, plus Taiwan’s Yani Tseng completed the original 15 players (although Gustafson is a late replacement for the injured Paula Creamer). One place was left open to a fan vote.
Who won the fan vote?
After a frenzied election campaign which saw Sandra Gal, Anna Rawson and Marianne Skarpnord go close, the winner was announced live on the Golf Channel. Spain’s Beatriz Recari was the lucky recipient of the final ticket to Jamaica, thanks to Facebook, Twitter and video activity that saw her profile (and popularity) with the golf public of America and the world increase hugely.
What do the players think of the concept?
When Golf365 spoke to Christina Kim prior to the Kraft Nabisco Championship she was already alert to the exciting possibilities: “You have no idea how stoked I am about it. It’s going to be absolutely unreal. It’s going to change golf completely in the eyes of many people. It will bring in new fans. It’s innovative; not the same cookie-cutter golf we get most weeks. I can see triumph, tears, trials – all of that! There are a couple of girls who are like, ‘I know who I want to take down!’ It’s going to be unbelievable. The girls are going to be like, ‘Dude, I’m gonna be taking you ON! You know, I’m gonna go out there and make you CRY! You’re gonna wish you aren’t a part of this tournament! I am gonna demolish you, haha!’ There will be like no regard for anything other than wanting to win. It’s going to turn us into animals! Fantastic!”
What about on Twitter?
There is already plenty of tweeting from the event, with the players thrilled to be on site or curious about how to organise their strategy.
@suzannpettersen – I am top seed here in Jamaica for the Mojo6. Who should i pick? Eventually you need to take each and everyone down.
@KRISTY2208 – On the bird headed down to Jamaica!! Holla!!
@TheChristinaKim – Day One of @themojo6 was a rousing success! The course is mint, the energy is high level, the buzz is kicking! Can not wait for it to start!
@TheChristinaKim – Oh and eye heart you all!!!! The week has been epic already!!! It truly is heaven on earth!
@TheChristinaKim – Got picked to play against @AngelaStanford in the first match on Thursday! We can be friendly until 8:40am Thurs, yes? Then… IT. IS. ON!!!
@Brittany1golf – My tweeter hasn’t been working 🙁 very sad. It’s sooooo beautiful in Jamaica. I love it. Highly recommend going on a vacation here 🙂
@Brittany1golf – Got my first match for thursday :-). Sooooo ready to go
(And my favourite, though she is one of my favourite golfing twitterers.)
@SophieGustafson – I have to say, I really like this Mojo idea. 6 holes practice rounds is the cats miau!!
Which players are worth watching out for?
It would seem to make sense to look for a player who likes a battle, is not afraid of putting herself in her opponent’s face (metaphorically), enjoys head-to-head golf, thrives on adrenalin and likes the big occasion.
So … ?
Christina Kim jumps from the page like, err, Christina Kim! If you didn’t know better you’d think she’d designed it all for herself. The only problem might be stopping her enjoying herself so much she forgets to hit the ball.
Who else?
Brittany Lincicome loves matchplay golf (she was the 2006 World Matchplay champion) and told Golf365 last year that, “I like the big occasion. I think some weeks you can lose a little focus. Not in a bad way, but it just happens. In a major you are on target the whole time. I like that. I like the excitement and the extra focus needed.” Six hole matches might “focus” her even more!
And hunch time – I think Anna Nordqvist might be made for this format.
The first matches
Top seed Suzann Pettersen decided to play the invitee Mariah Stackhouse and said about her pick: “We’re not running a charity here.” Game on!
Cristie Kerr selected to play fan favourite Bea Recari, Yani Tseng showed no fear of big-hitting Brittany Lincicome and Angela Stanford opted to take on Christina Kim.
The other match-ups see Anna Nordqvist play Kristy McPherson, Na Yeon Choi play Brittany Lang and Song Hee Kim play Morgan Pressel. Sophie Gustafson was left with no option