First dope ban for US golfer

Doug Barron has become the first US golfer to be suspended by the PGA Tour for committing a doping offence.

American golfer Doug Barron has been suspended for a year by the US PGA Tour after committing a doping offence.
The 40-year-old has the dubious distinction of being the first player to be banned under the Tour’s anti-doping programme.
Barron, whose career has been in decline in recent seasons, has won over three million US dollars as a professional, but has recently been playing mostly on the USPGA’s second division Nationwide Tour.
The PGA Tour have not announced details of Barron’s case beyond stating he violated policy on the use of performance-enhancing substances.
He stressed he had no intention of cheating the system.
Barron said: “I would like to apologise for any negative perception of the Tour or its players resulting from my suspension.
“I want my fellow Tour members and the fans to know that I did not intend to gain an unfair competitive advantage or enhance my performance while on Tour.”