Find that lost ball in seconds

Most club golfers have said it at one time or another – and especially when they’ve hit their ball into some deep rough. I certainly have.

“If only I had some sort of tracking devise that would lead me to my ball and help me find it.”
Well those wishes have just come true – thanks to a US company called RadarGolf who went out and produced an innovative, find-a-golf-ball system powered by a radio frequency microchip embedded in the core of the ball.
And it’s no gimmick, either.
Golf Today say it’s ‘the best new golf ball of 2006 PGA show’, Fairways and Greens Magazine have called it ‘The Greatest Golfing Invention of the 21st Century’ and Golf Magazine have endorsed the product by exclaiming, “Never Lose Another Ball. Get This!”
RadarGolf claim their ball positioning system (BPS) technology can locate a lost golf ball in seconds.
Once the handheld device detects the high-quality, low-compression two-piece RadarGolf Ball via radio frequency, the LCD display and audio tone indicate in which direction the ball is located and then the signal showing it has been found will continue to increase in intensity as the golfer gets closer and closer to the ball.
But what about the spare RadarGolf balls being carried in your golf bag. Won’t your tracking devise pick them up instead?
No say RadarGolf.
The system comes with two patented ‘Shield-It’ pouches, engineered with a metallic coating, which prevent the handheld from detecting other RadarGolf Balls not in play.
Will it be allowed in competition?
The answer is no at this stage – at least not in competitions run by the USAGA, but it will be allowed for the purpose of calculating US Golf Association handicaps.
“RadarGolf is the only technology of its kind that can quantitatively help golfers take strokes off of their score,” said Chris Savarese, RadarGolf president and founder who was clearly referring to the fact that a golfer who loses his ball in the rough and is unable to find it, needs to go back and replay the shot instead of either being able to play the ball on the spot where it is found or at worst to make a drop nearby.
“If you’re looking for the perfect present for the golfer in your life, or for yourself to improve your own game, RadarGolf is here.”
Now available at online, at select golf shops, and at The Sharper Image stores nationwide in the US, the handheld device and carrying case, one dozen USGA-conforming RadarGolf balls, two Shield-It pouches and an instructional DVD and user manual, can be purchased for $249.95.
Additional golf balls are priced per dozen at $39.95.
Shipments outside of the US and Canada were set for late summer, 2006, and should be reaching Europe and other golf-playing countries in the near future
For more information about the technology and for answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the Web site at
By Neville Leck