Duane Engdahl and Quantum Golf have announced an agreement which could make Quantum putters among the finest in the game.

Duane Engdahl and Quantum Golf Company have announced a link-up license agreement whereby Quantum will be permitted to employ Engdahl’s unique and newly patented Practice/Play Technology (US Patent 7374500).
The patented new technology, as presented in picture form at the Quantum Website, www.quantumputters.com, and now available only in Quantum Putters, is very simple yet it has been proven to make huge improvements in putting performance.
The ‘Practice/Play Convertibility improves putting performance in several ways,” says designer Engdahl, “First of all, it is a well known concept among coaches in all fields, that practice conditions should mimic play conditions as much as possible; therefore all those practice contrivances so often seen offered in the putting market probably do more harm than good – what would be best is to practice with the same putter that you play with and that all the practice aids be as unobtrusive as possible.
“Practice needs to focus on that which needs improvement. As they say, perfect practice makes perfect, while imperfect practice makes imperfect, e.g., it does more harm than good.
“When the Quantum Putter head is rotated into its practice mode, the practice aids embodied in that practice mode assist in perfecting X-Y-Z Head Alignment and hitting the Sweet Spot; nothing more and nothing less.”
“When it the Play Mode, the Quantum Putter is fully in conformance with the USGA Rules of Golf, but while the putter is in its Practice Mode, it is of course, non-conforming.
“This is could be the most important improvement ever made in golf putters.” Engdahl ended.
About Duane Engdahl: Engdahl is more than a putter designer; he is a physicist turned putter technologist.
Other utility patents granted to Duane Engdahl (aka PutterGeek) on golf putter technology include 6776727 and 7041004 which among other unique and meritorious features include convertibility for practice and play, adjustability for power, and adaptability for left/right handedness.
– Grant Westthorp of Simpli Golf System says, “PutterGeek is a Genius!”
– Geoff Mangum who is thought by many to be the world’s foremost authority on putting says of Engdahl, “He is my new teacher!”
– George Hibbard, author and golf teacher says, “Nowhere in the Golf Universe is there a better putter designer than Engdahl.”
– John Hardy, PGA Putting Professional for over 50 years, says, “Duane, you are the best on putters and putting!”