Eidolon Golf has expanded its high-tech line of patented V-SOLE ® wedges by adding a new 48-degree Pitching Wedge.

Eidolon Golf has expanded its high-tech line of patented V-SOLE ® wedges by adding a new 48-degree Pitching Wedge.
The new club is available for purchase online via the Company’s Website (www.eidolongolf.com) and through Eidolon’s network of Certified Wedge Fitters.
Eidolon’s V-SOLE® technology utilizes two distinct bounce angles in the sole to provide versatile shot making playability from all kinds of lies.
The main rear portion of the sole has three degrees of bounce, insuring clean shots from tight lies and from the fairway.
The V-SOLE ® technology then implies 15 degrees of bounce to the leading ¼ of the sole to prevent the leading edge from digging in and to provide optimum performance from rough and even long bunker shots.
“The industry has compromised pitching wedges over the years, making them nothing more than just another short iron. In fact, many iron sets put ‘pitching wedge’ on lofts that used to be 9-irons or even 8-irons. That severely compromises a golfer’s short game,” says Eidolon Golf President Terry Koehler.
Like the Eidolon Gap Wedge (52 degrees), Mid Wedge (56 degrees) and Lob Wedge (60 degrees), the new 48-degree Pitching Wedge features a face that is CNC-milled to perfect flatness.
The modified V- grooves are also CNC milled for absolute precision and optimum spin. The new Pitching Wedge will come standard with Eidolon’s new SCôR grip and Aria proprietary composite shaft technology.
“As we have experienced rapid growth over the past few years, we’ve also earned extraordinary customer loyalty,” Koehler says.
“Our customers began asking for an Eidolon V-SOLE ® pitching wedge to replace those that came with their sets of irons, so we have responded.
“With our patented V-SOLE ® technology, CNC milled face and grooves, and our new grip and shaft technology, I feel comfortable claiming this to be the finest pitching wedge in golf.”
One of Eidolon’s Certified WedgeFitters – Jim Thomas of Lakeway Pro-Fit Golf Studio in Austin, Texas – was among the first to see the pre-production sample of the new wedge, and extremely enthusiastic about its potential.
He said: “I showed the production sample to three customers on the day it was in my shop, and took three advance orders right away. I will be recommending the Eidolon V-SOLE ® Pitching Wedge as a replacement in almost every set I fit and build from now on,” said Thomas.
“My customers are ecstatic about their scoring improvements with Eidolon wedges.”
Like all Eidolon V-SOLE ® wedges, the new 48-degree Pitching Wedge is precision-cast from 8620 carbon steel with double nickel and satin chrome plating.
Weight, loft and lie tolerances are the tightest in the industry. It features a standard shaft length of 35-3/4″ and lie angle of 63.5 degrees.
The Eidolon 48-degree Pitching Wedge has suggested retail price of $139 with Eidolon’s new SCôR grip and Aria composite shaft that Eidolon has developed for all their 2007 model wedges.
Eidolon Golf LLC was formed in 2003 by Koehler, a former Ben Hogan executive and founder and former President of Reid Lockhart Golf Company and his close friend Ralph Thompson, a communications and Internet ‘guru’.
The company specializes in the short game and sells their products online at www.bestwedge.com, and through Certified WedgeFitters across the United States and in 20 foreign countries.
The company headquarters are in Port O’Connor, Texas, with production and shipping operations in Spring, just north of Houston. The company backs all its products with the golf industry’s 100 percent Money Back Guarantee.
For more information, contact: Terry Koehler, President Eidolon Golf LLC, Box 751, Port O’ Connor, TX 77982 (phone 512-535-3859) or at TKoehler@eidolongolf.com