Cink happy to hand back Claret Jug

Deposed champion Stewart Cink had no hard feelings about relinquishing his Open Championship title

Deposed Open champion Stewart Cink had no hard feelings about relinquishing his title at St Andrews.
The 37-year-old American physically handed back the Claret Jug on Tuesday but after finishing well down the field he said the actual act of winning at Turnberry last year was far more important than the historic trophy itself.
“I had the Claret Jug for a year and it was time to give it back. I didn’t have a hard time giving it back at all,” he said.
“I really believe the satisfaction you get from the triumph of winning is what you want.
“The jug is representative of that feeling but it’s the satisfaction you want and that is why I am happy.
“Although I didn’t play quite as well as I did last year it was a great week here and the galleries were very receptive and I appreciated that.”
Cink admitted he had not been playing well but said when he started the tournament he did not feel any additional pressure as title holder.
“A lot is of made of being a defending champion from a competitive point but it means nothing,” he added.
“There is no target on anyone’s back, it is not like I had to protect anything, I started at the same level.
“It is all ceremonial being defending champion but as far as the competitive part of it there is no difference.
“It was frustrating I didn’t play a little better but it’s not been a good year on the course.
“But I played four rounds and I enjoyed myself thoroughly and it was great to walk up the last fairway – the best place to walk up in golf.”