Celtic Manor fans will behave – Monty

Colin Montgomerie is confident the 2010 Ryder Cup won’t see any unsporting crowd behaviour.

Colin Montgomerie is confident the 2010 Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor has nothing to worry about in terms of unsporting crowd behaviour.
Europe will bid to regain golf’s greatest team prize when it is contested on Welsh soil for the first time next year.
Crowd behaviour has not been a problem since the contentious clash at Brookline in 1999, when Montgomerie’s father was forced to leave the course due to the abuse directed at his son.
And Europe captain Montgomerie and opposite number Corey Pavin are united in anticipating a trouble-free event from October 1-3.
Asked if it would be acceptable for spectators to cheer missed putts, Montgomerie said: “No, it’s not okay. Never has been and never should be.
“You will know if a European putt goes in and you will know if an American putt goes in. There will be different cheers for different putts.
“There should be no animosity shown to any player or any team member from our guests.
“The American team are guests here in Europe and we treat it as such. If there is anything that goes around, I will be the first person to stamp it out.
“I don’t envisage any problem at all. I think those days (of bad behavious) are behind us and we are glad about that.”
Pavin added: “Cheering for missed putts or missed shots is inappropriate and I think true golf fans understand that.
“They know that and we will see that all the time here, I believe.”