Caddie admits comments over the top

Caddie Steve Williams has admitted his reaction to Adam Scott’s Akron victory on Sunday was “over the top”.

Controversial New Zealand caddie Steve Williams has admitted his comments after Adam Scott’s majestic victory at Firestone Country Club on Sunday were “over the top”.

After having a day or so to reflect on what was seen by most golfers as a bitter and snide attack on his former boss, Tiger Woods, that took something away from Scott’s great triumph, Williams announced on Sunday that yes, his reaction had taken things too far.

“Looking back on it, I was a bit over the top,” he told Fox at the Atlanta Athletic Club where he and his now employer, Scott, were getting ready for Thursday’s tee off at PGA Championship.

“I had a lot of anger in me about what happened (with Woods) and it all came out,” he explained.

After Scott won with Williams on his bag, the caddy, whose interview with the media lasted longer than Scott’s, said pointedly that Scott’s victory was, “the most satisfying win of my career.”

And this of a 12-year-career with Woods that, apart from his seven victories at Firestone, included 13 major championships among his 72 victories worldwide.

Williams also disputed Woods’ version of how he was fired.

Woods said he’d made the move in a face-to-face meeting with Williams, but the caddy disputed this, saying it was done callously over the phone.

However, in his interview with Fox on Monday Williams said he wanted to put an end to the public spat.

“I said what I said, but I’m not going to say any more about Tiger,” he insisted.

Williams felt he was unjustly fired by Woods last month after he agreed to caddie for Scott while Woods was recovering from injuries to his left leg.

He said he was badly hurt and angered when when Woods accused him of being disloyal by working with Scott – this especially given the fact he had wasted nearly two years waiting for Woods while the scandall-hit super star first underwent treatment for a sex addition that was to lead to the failure of his marraige and then spent many more months recovering from an on-going knee injury.

Williams said last week was emotional because he knew Woods would be returning to golf at Firestone Country Club and he was determined to prove that Woods had made a mistake in firing him.

“I had a lot of emotions going on all week. You hear people say, ‘How good are you now that you’re not caddying for Tiger,’ things like that, and it makes you want to prove yourself.

“And when we were coming down the stretch and all those people were calling out my name, I mean I’ve never experienced anything like that, and when Adam won, all of a sudden, all that emotion, it all poured out.

“But, look, it’s time to move on. The Tiger thing is over.”