Back-up boosts Robocup

The marketers of RoboCup, a highly acclaimed ball-return robot, have boosted its effectiveness with the ‘Caddy Cord’.

Fine Tune Golf the marketers of RoboCup, a highly acclaimed ball-return robot, have increased its effectiveness with the addition of the ‘Caddy Cord’.

The company introduced its RoboCup at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show in February and won the award for ‘Best New Product’.

RoboCup is the only ball return device designed to work on any practice green.

The innovative robot fits into the hole and each time your putt drops, RoboCup automatically shoots the ball right back to you.

The robotic devise runs on 4 AA batteries and will return the ball up to 14 feet, depending on green speed. A set of batteries lasts for over 12,000 putt returns.

It had one draw back. If you missed the cup with your putt, you had to retrieve your ball manually, but Fine Tune Golf worked on the problem and the Caddy Cord is their solution.

By bundling the Robocup with their new addition, Caddy Cord, which is basically a ‘missed putt return guide’ placed behind the targeted hole, golfers can rest assured that unless they miss the hole by a mile, missed putts will also come back to them now.

Says Keith Foley, co-founder and inventor of the RoboCup: “The caddy cord gives you the convenience of not having to walk back and forth to retrieve missed putts. It saves time, golfers’ backs and brings the fun back into putting practice.”

Caddy Cord is constructed with a double-braided nylon, that has the flexibility to wrap around the hole and adjust for breaking putts.

Its composition allows the impact of the ball to be absorbed and not to bounce away, thus enabling it to run along the cord, guiding it back into the hole.

A molded section in the center of the rope prevents the ball from looping around the hole. Additionally, this section offers a printable surface area, ideal for logos and marketing material.

The Caddy Cord is available in Hunter Green with two lighter green accent colors. A third accent color offers a varied color choice of black, gold or pink.

“Let’s face it, not all of us putt like Tiger Woods,” Foley added. “What’s truly great about the Caddy Cord, is that it still provides feedback on your putting stroke,”

This because, if you putt too hard, the ball will jump over the cord – and, if you are short, your ball will not get returned, he explained,

“This encourages a proper putting distance, rewarding you with the ball returned to your feet.”.

The Pros have already been using the RoboCup on Tour practice greens. he disclosed.

“I really recommend the RoboCup for golf schools and lessons,” says Mike Dugan, Golf Professional in Kissimmee, Florida.

He says that after he offers putting instruction, he can leave the students to work on their own. ”

They become fascinated with the RoboCup, and are then motivated to make more putts so the ball will return to them,” he added.

The RoboCup and Caddy Cord set are available together for a RRP of $59.95, making the package an ideal tech-inspired gift.

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About Fine Tune Golf:

The company rightfully boasts that it creates exceptionally engineered golf products that enhance and streamline the on-course experience for consumers and professionals.

Fine Tune Golf launched RoboCup¿ at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando in January 2009, and continues to dedicate itself to combining innovative design with precision engineering to create high-performance tools for tour professionals and amateurs alike.

The company’s products are available online and at high-end resorts, pro-shops and golf retailers.