Here is the full text of the Q & A session conducted by the media with Luke Donald after he had finished 2nd at the Honda Classic

Here is the full text of the Q & A session conducted by the media with Luke Donald after the Florida-based Englishman had finished second at the Honda Classic

STEWART MOORE: Luke Donald, thanks for joining us after a great final round out there. It was a great battle, lot of conditions, really jumbled leaderboard and really on the back nine you were kind of hanging around and all of a sudden the 35-footer at 16 drops and you’re right back in the mix. Take us through the Bear Trap, the back nine and everything that went on out there.
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, it was one of those days where you knew you just kind of had to hang around, and it was never going to be an easy day. The wind was whipping harder today than any of the other days. So, it was a tough day.
You know, I played reasonably solidly on the front nine. I had a couple chances, a lipout on 10 and a chance on 11, looked like it had a good chance to go in. 12 and 13 were disappointing to me, to hit good drives and be in the middle of the fairway and walk off with two bogeys was where I felt I lost a lot of my momentum. And from there it was always going to be a struggle with Ernie playing so well up ahead.
You keep plugging along, because you know those last few holes are pretty tough and anything can happen. You know, I played the Bear Trap holes reasonably well, and thought if I could squeeze a couple birdies, I might have a chance. I just came up a little short.
Q. 2700 FedExCup Points, your second top three finish in three starts; good start for 2008.
LUKE DONALD: A lot to build on, very encouraging results. I feel like I’m learning every week and getting better for it. You know, that’s the goal this year, to keep getting better.
Q. Just talk about 18, that last shot there.
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, it wasn’t a particularly good third shot. It doesn’t look like there’s much green out there where that pin is. I just fanned it a little bit and really wasn’t a very makeable chip. Hit it right on-line. I just came up a few rolls short. It was a good chip, but I probably should have got it to the hole and given myself a chance.
But saying that, I don’t really have regrets about that shot. I have more regrets about the bogeys on 12 and 13.
Q. How good a test is this course, now that you’ve played it again?
LUKE DONALD: It’s a great test. It always seems — you know, our winter down here, the wind has really not been too much of a factor the last couple of months. As soon as this tournament comes around, it seems to just pick up and blow and make this course a real beast.
This is a great test. This is as much golf course as you’ll ever want to play.
Q. The tee ball on 17 and then the third on 18 of course, on TV they look like they were pretty daring lines, was that as you intended or did it just sort of work out that way?
LUKE DONALD: Well, 17, I didn’t mean to obviously land that ball right at the pin. I hit enough club where if it was on-line, it was going to carry that angled green there.
And I just came out of it just a little bit, and it just started a little bit too far right than I wanted to and the wind carried it a bit further right. It was a pretty good shot, and it was a shame it just trickled over; otherwise, I would have had a lot better chance of making that. That was kind of sitting down just a little bit on the back edge there and didn’t have much – well, just a tricky shot.
Q. I know you were immersed in your own round, of course, at that point, but Calc’s bunker shot on 15, were you as stunned as anyone that it just never stopped?