Rory McIlroy on major drought: ‘It doesn’t keep me up at night’

Ahead of this week’s PGA Championship at TPC Harding Park, Rory McIlroy admits he would have liked to have won more majors since his last victory in 2014.

McIlroy’s fourth and last major title came at the 2014 PGA Championship at Valhalla six years ago, a period in which rival Brooks Koepka has snapped up four major titles of his own to steal the Northern Irishman’s spotlight.

Every time a major championship comes along, McIlroy knows he will face the inevitable questions about his own major drought, although he seemed to suggest the media gives it much more thought than he ever does.

“I mean, yeah, I wouldn’t say… it doesn’t keep me up at night,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

“I don’t think about it every day, but when I play these major championships it’s something I’m obviously reminded of.

“Yeah, I would have liked to win a couple more majors in that time frame, and I feel like I’ve had a couple of decent chances to do so and I just haven’t got the job done.”

With three majors to come in a short time span, however, and hopefully four more to follow next year, McIlroy knows he’s going to have a lot more bites at the cherry in the coming months.

“The good thing is we’ve at least three opportunities this year, and then hopefully if things normalise going forward, you know, four opportunities [next year], so we’re playing seven major championships in the next 12 months basically. So I’ve got plenty of opportunities coming my way.

“Look, I think everyone who stands up here wished they would have won more and would have played better and all of that stuff, and I’ve given myself chances, I just haven’t been able to capitalise on them.”