WATCH: These drills from Tiger Woods and Jason Day will have you putting like a pro


A pair of putting drills from two of the best masters of the green in Tiger Woods and Jason Day promise to have you putting like a pro.

A common mistake made by amateur golfers is being tentative on their putts and leaving them short time and again.

This can lead to over-correction and frustrated heavy-handed putting.

Are you having a problem on the greens? Maybe you could benefit from one or both of these recommended drills.

Check out the drills in the Instagram video below to avoid those missed putt blues.

The most fundamental aim in golf is also the most fundamental goal in putting: hit the ball solidly with the centre of the clubface.

With full swings, this notion draws a lot of attention, but it doesn’t get enough notice on the greens. When a putt falls short, the blame is placed on “didn’t hit it hard enough” or “focused too much on the line.” In truth, an off-centre strike is typically to blame.

“We all mis-hit putts when we really shouldn’t,” says Tiger Woods.

“It’s one of the reasons why I do the Tee Drill all the time. . . . Set two tees, basically leaning up against the heel and toe of the putterhead. To get through the tees, I have to swing the putter so I hit the ball right in the middle of the face.”

The putting stroke may appear simple in comparison to the complete swing’s twisting and turning, but solid mechanics are still required. The goal is to figure out what gives you the purest strikes and how to accomplish it consistently.

“I like feeling the face rotate,” Woods adds. “I like feeling my right hand hit. I like to feel the load in my stroke going back and the release coming through.”

It’s worth noting that Tiger begins this drill with his right hand only, then adds his left, and finally alternates between the right and both hands. He continues to tailor his putting stroke to what feels comfortable for him at any given moment.

Drills are used to isolate a move or position, train it, and then incorporate it into the technique you play with. And, as Tiger says, striking the ball in the middle of the face is the most important thing, regardless of the club.