WATCH: Major winner shares the worst golf advice he has ever received

Padraig Harrington

Three-time Major winner Padraig Harrington has shared three of the great clangers when it comes to golf advice.

They are all things that far too many people pass off as great golfing wisdom.

The best advice in golf is perhaps not to listen to bad advice.

The temptation is very real, but the average golfer should avoid trying to help others when they are just being a hindrance.

Harrington was asked about the best advice he has ever received but instead rounded on the giving of advice as a whole.

“I actually don’t know what the best one I’ve got because there’s all sorts of things at different points in your life that really are important,” he said. “It’s easier maybe to pick up on the worst piece of advice.”

Harrington then cited three tips that can hurt more than help.

Keep your feet still

At the elite levels, it’s getting less and less customary to have your feet stationary during the swing since moving feet are an excellent method to produce power.

You can hit the ball farther if you can correctly engage your feet with the ground throughout the swing. One of the most important manoeuvres for assisting players in producing power is this phenomenon, which is also referred to as “ground reaction forces.”

Keep your head still

“Keep your head down” is one of the first bits of advice the ignorant will give you if you’ve ever had trouble making contact. The advice is well-intentioned, and it makes sense: if you keep your head down longer, you’ll maintain better contact by keeping your eye on the ball.

However, this suggestion is not sound in practice. An extended head-down position will impede your ability to swing and may even impair your contact.

Swing easy

Another common piece of advice for those who find it difficult to strike the ball with consistency is to slow down. It seems to make sense that a slower clubhead movement would increase the likelihood of making good contact.

Yes, it may, but the cost of producing power will also be quite high. Start by learning how to swing the club forcefully. After that, you may concentrate on making contact. Power is a potent instrument that is difficult to master but once it clicks your game will soar.