Why October is the best time to hit Myrtle Beach for a golf getaway

Myrtle Beach

Golfers will often spend far too much of their money on the game – and while you can’t put a price tag on happiness, sometimes you need to consider the budget.

Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is a prime location for a golf getaway, geared to host visitors and with a lot of courses open year-round.

Most visitors to Myrtle Beach start to arrive in June and keep coming until August.

However, golfers should consider a fall trip to Myrtle Beach for several good reasons, chief among them being your budget.

The rates charged by everyone from hotels and accommodation to the courses themselves will drop considerably.

While many want to enjoy Myrtle Beach in the height of summer, golfers can wait until the fall and score a dream getaway for that little bit less.

On top of saving money conditions for golf are better and many courses will also be dazzlingly beautiful as leaves change color.

The summer heat will have mostly receded, pleasant temperatures in the mid to upper 70s are par at that time of year, and golf courses are in superb condition.

Great Myrtle Beach courses to play in the fall

Few courses are more exquisite than Pawleys Plantation, and it’s a pleasure to play the Jack Nicklaus design on a gorgeous October morning when the sun has just begun to rise. While beginning on the 10th hole for an early morning tee time maximizes the vista, most people prefer to tee off on No 1. October at Pawleys is a must-do.

Long Bay Club is another outstanding Nicklaus design in the region. Characterized by expansive waste bunkers and mowed fairways, Long Bay is a layout that should be more well-known than it is. Among the most notable parts of this Myrtle Beach layout is the back nine, which includes the renowned holes 10, 13, and 18.

The beach’s most significant change has been to Shaftesbury Glen, where 500,000 square feet of trash bunkers have been added. While the thought of Shaftesbury Glen’s abundance of sand may seem unsettling, it’s not in this instance. The bunkers are flat, which makes it simple to play out of them, while the sand adds visual contrast. Shaftesbury is one of the westernmost courses in the area, thus the decrease in humidity in October helps it more than other courses. The upgrades make it worth your time to visit.

It’s thrilling to play through the beautiful Lowcountry layout at Willbrook. Surrounded by some of the most prestigious courses in the area, like TPC Myrtle Beach and Caledonia, many tend to miss this Dan Maples creation. Willbrook offers your party a fun game of golf, great surroundings, and value.