The 7 richest golfers in the world in 2024

Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus

Top golfers can earn some serious money and the very richest of them have gathered extraordinary personal fortunes.

Here we look at the top seven golfers according to net worth in 2024.

7 Jordan Spieth $120 million

Jordan Spieth hasn’t won a title since April 2022, but he had a good year in 2023 when it came to adding to his personal wealth.

Spieth has lucrative partnerships with global brands like Under Armour, NetJets, Rolex, Titleist, AT&T, Perfect Sense, Coca-Cola and SuperStroke.

Spieth forked over $7.1 million for a 16,655-square-foot mansion complete with infinity pool, 12-car garage, golf simulator, indoor basketball court and man cave in Dallas.

6 Rory McIlroy $170 million

Rory McIlroy has made a lot of money via his career, endorsements, and investments.

The Northern Ireland golfer has an estimated net worth of $170 million, and he is the youngest player to earn €10 million on the European Tour.

He has held out against joining LIV Golf, however, although he has notably softened in his stance in recent times.

5 Gary Player $250 million

Gary Player’s prolific course design work has kept him up in rarified territory when it comes to wealth.

Player’s famous company has designed more than 400 golf courses including both courses at Sun City’s Gary Player Country Club.

As a golfer, he recorded 118 international wins and was the third man to complete a career Grand Slam.

4 Jack Nicklaus $400 million

Jack Nicklaus must now be fairly confident that he will never see his Major wins record broken.

He has slipped away from the top of the richest golfers lists and could slide further with a number of players getting massive pay packages from LIV Golf.

Nicklaus still generates income through his involvement in course design and renovation.

3 Greg Norman $400 million

While Greg Norman has also been involved with LIV Golf, he has not been offered the kind of money the top playing talents have received.

Still, his appointment as LIV Golf CEO has helped him stay ahead of Jack Nicklaus.

Norman’s role with LIV Golf has made him unpopular in certain circles but his net worth has been bolstered.

2 Phil Mickelson $875 Million

Phil Mickelson’s actual net worth is the subject of conjecture, but he claims to be ‘almost a billionaire’.

The most generous estimates of his current net worth suggest it might be in excess of $900 million.

Mickelson received an enormous bump from his LIV golf deal but the extent of that deal is not exactly known.

1 Tiger Woods $1.1 billion

Tiger Woods is purported to have earned nearly $2 billion as a direct result of his golfing career.

In 2022, Forbes certified him as the first golfer to become a billionaire.

Woods reached that position despite reportedly turning down a “mind-blowingly enormous” offer from LIV Golf. LIV CEO Greg Norman told the Washington Post the deal’s value would have been in the “high nine digits.”