Is it poor form to play golf on Christmas Day?


It might be one of life’s great questions and one that can’t really be answered satisfactorily, but still we ask: Is it acceptable to play golf on Christmas Day?

Firstly as a ground rule, if playing golf on Christmas day involves criminal trespassing, it is absolutely not acceptable to play a round.

As to whether you should use a round of golf as a reason to evade family or some other obligation, well, who are we to judge that moral grey area?

Of course, access to a course and expectations of staffing will vary from place to place, but wherever you are you should temper expectations of five-star treatment on what is, for many, an important religious holiday.

There are, however, many places around the world that don’t officially observe Christmas, and in those locations you are unlikely to run into any great impediment towards getting a round in on December 25.

Bear in mind, though, that in colder climes in the Northern Hemisphere, many courses might be closed for winter, with some shutting down from 15 November until mid-March of the next year.

Possibly, the number one reason someone might spontaneously want to take to the course on Christmas day is that somebody in their life has seen fit to gift them a new piece of gear that they are desperate to put to the test.

If your course of choice is open and amenable to your visit, there is no reason you should avoid enjoying a round. If a shot at a Christmas round unexpectedly presents itself, then who are you to deny the greatest gift a golfer could receive, a surprise round on a course that you never thought you would get to play? It may be that the venue is a little more modest; however, accepting gifts with grace is central to the themes of Christmas.

A round on Christmas day in observing countries will usually afford you the ability to move at a more relaxed pace if you are that way inclined, as they will typically not have a lot of tee times booked.

Whether you are sneaking out for a round or introducing a family member to the game, don’t let anyone shame you for playing a round of golf. However, when on the course, try to be extra considerate of others, either using the facility or giving up their Christmas day to ensure you can play.