10 different ways players can qualify for the Masters, golf’s most exclusive Major

Augusta National Golf Club

The addition of an Olympic golf event is responsible for the most recent change to Masters qualification.

All told, there are plenty of different methods that players could use to secure themselves an invitation to golf’s most exclusive Major.

Rank in the top 50 ahead of the tournament

Failing to reach the tournament through another method, the bulk of the top field will find themselves qualifying for the Masters based on their position in the Official World Golf Rankings.

The top 50 players who haven’t already earned an exemption through another means will earn qualification for the Masters the week before the tournament.

Finish the season in the top 50

Another rankings-based exemption, all players who finish the previous season in the top 50 will receive a Masters invitation.

Players in the top 50 on 1 January can look forward to turning out at Augusta.

Qualify for the Tour Championship

The Masters will be open to all players who qualify for the PGA Tour’s season-ending Tour Championship.

The entire 30-man field for the season finale earn themselves a place at the Masters.

Win a PGA Tour event with full FedEx Cup points allocation

All tournaments on the PGA Tour that carry a full FedEx Cup points allocation also promise a Masters entry to their winners.

Winners get a place at Augusta at the next Masters event.

Finish in the top four at a Major

The top four, including players tied for top four places at each of the previous year’s majors, will be invited to the following year’s Masters.

Winning a Major secures the triumphant party entry into the next five Masters events.

Finish in the top 12 at the Masters

The first dozen finishers at the Masters are guaranteed to be invited back to compete the following year.

This also applies to players tied for any position within the top 12.

Win Olympic gold

The man who wins Olympic Gold at the next games in Paris will be offered an entry into the 2025 Masters.

Olympic Gold only affords the winner one entry, and as such, this method is only available once every four years.

Win an affiliated Amateur event

A series of amateur events also offer places in the Masters for their winners.

The champions of the British Amateur, Asia-Pacific Amateur, Latin America Amateur and US Mid-Amateur also get an entry into the Masters.

The top two players in the US Amateur are also rewarded with places at the Masters.

Win the Masters

Any player who has won a Green Jacket in past Masters tournaments will be granted lifelong entry.

Discretionary invitation

In addition to these methods of qualifying, the Masters’ Committee can also invite any international players who have not already qualified that they believe should have a place in the exclusive field at their own discretion.

The Masters has indicated that they will not be making changes to these criteria to accommodate LIV Golfers who cannot earn OWGR rankings points at this time but may consider changes in the future.

“If you look back over the history of the Masters tournament and the qualifications that existed, we have changed those qualifications numerous times, dozens of times,” Augusta Chair Fred Ridley said.

“We look at those every year. We don’t make changes every year, but we do look at them under the current circumstances. As you’ll recall, last year, there was some speculation as to whether or not we would invite LIV golfers. We stayed true to our qualification criteria. We invited everyone who was eligible.

“While we do not, at this time, anticipate making a change in 2024, we do always look at (exemptions), and we will continue to do that. Our qualifications are very much dynamic, and we adjust to what we feel is in the best interest of a tournament representing the best players in the world. We’ll always look at that.”