Golfers with the most PGA Tour wins – and how they did it

We look at Billy Casper’s maiden win at the Labatt Open in 1956, and much more, as we feature the golfers with the most PGA Tour wins.

Casper’s 51

Billy Casper’s maiden win came at the Labatt Open in 1956. He won 50 more to complete a grand total of 51 PGA Tour wins during his prolific career. He was particularly impressive in 1968, when he clinched six Tour wins. His last came in 1975, at the New Orleans Open. Casper triumphed on the PGA Tour across 16 seasons – the second-longest run behind Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer’s 17 years on the trot. Casper, too, brags the most points in the Ryder Cup by an American, PGA. The United States, indeed, went undefeated in his nine Ryder Cup outings.

51 for Nelson

Byron Nelson relished 52 PGA Tour triumphs – 18 of which came in 1945. His first was in 1935 at the New Jersey State Open – and last in 1951 at the Bing Crosby Pro-Am. He only won one major in 1945, but the year included Tour wins in Phoenix, Corpus Christi, New Orleans, Miami, Charlotte, Greensboro, Durham, Atlanta, Montreal, Philadelphia, Chicago, Knoxville and Seattle – a truly magnificent run.

Palmer at 62

Palmer’s 62 PGA Tour wins spanned 1955 to 1973. From the first at the Canadian Open to the last at the Bob Hope Desert Classic, he thrilled the crowds throughout. His most wins, eight, came in 1960. He won the Masters in 1958, 1960, 1962 and 1964 – and the US Open in 1960. Victory in the Open Championship then arrived in 1962. He never won the PGA Championship, but tied for second in 1964, 1968 and 1970.

Hogan reached 64

PGA Tour wins totally 64 for Ben Hogan. The first was in 1938 at the Hershey Four-Ball; the last came in 1959’s Colonial National Invitational. He especially enjoyed 1946, thanks to 13 wins. From 1948 to 1953, he completed the career grand slam after winning eight of nine appearances in the majors. That amazing stretch of form included four triumphs at the US Open.

Nicklaus for 73

Nicklaus had golf eating from the palm of his hand at one stage. All of 73 PGA Tour wins made him one of the greats and, in 1972, he walked off with seven victories. The first was in 1962 – appropriately at the US Open. The last – again appropriately was at the 1986 Masters. About a quarter of his Tour wins came at majors, actually. His consistency was wonderful, particularly from 1962 to 1978, when he clinched at least two PGA Tour events every year – and four per season on average.

Woods’ 80 and counting

The one and only Tiger Woods has walked some tough roads, on and off the course, but ultimately, arguably, triumphed above all. A hefty 80 PGA Tour wins speak volumes of his talent. He took nine of them in 2000. His first was in 1996, when the Las Vegas International witnessed his golfing brilliance. His most recent was in 2018, of course, during a much-vaunted Tour Championship campaign. Yes, he is only second on this list, but Woods won fewer PGA Tour events in his 30s than the other six. This was due to health issues, which perhaps robbed him of beating Sam Snead.

82 on Snead

Snead, Tiger. Tiger, Snead. The margins are close, but there can be only one leader. Snead’s 82 PGA Tour wins are unrivalled, for now, and testify to the winner mentality that Betway have documented. He won 11 in 1950. The first was in 1936 and the last in 1965, at the West Virginia Closed Pro and Greater Greensboro Open, respectively. The 29-year gap between his first and last is the largest among the top seven. He won seven majors, but never got on top of the US Open – he came second or tied on four occasions.