Why Wesley Bryan is using two 4-irons in his bag at The CJ CUP Byron Nelson

Wesley Bryan

PGA Tour pro Wesley Bryan will line up at The CJ CUP Byron Nelson with two 4-irons in his bag.

Bryan has replaced his 5-iron with a second 4-iron to supplement his Takomo iron array.

The ‘extra’ 4-iron is a Titleist T200, and the move has a lot to do with the yardage gapping between the two 4-irons he will be using.

In Texas, Bryan gave GolfWRX.com an explanation of how his Takomo 301 CB 6-iron travels between 195 and 200 yards. Then, the Titleist T200 4-iron travels around 235 yards, and his new hollow-bodied Takomo 101U Driving Iron, which he started testing “a couple weeks ago,” bends about 2 degrees weak and gets about 220 yards.

His Takomo 101U Driving Iron sells for $119 and Bryan believes there is a lesson for professionals and the average golfer in this shift.

The Takomo 101U is a hollow-body driving iron made with players looking for an explosive, forgiving alternative off the tee or the fairway in mind.

“It’s super forgiving and launches high, and it has a bit longer of a profile to where it looks really good,” said Bryan. “If people are willing to play something that doesn’t have an expensive price tag on their club, it outperforms the Srixon (driving iron). [I started testing it] in the last couple weeks and it’s in the bag.

“I just made it like 2 degrees weaker. Basically, that gap from 205 to 225 I was in a little bit of a dead space, so I’m going to try and fill that gap better.”

Learn a crucial lesson from Bryan’s mindset on yardage gapping and club selection: performance and yardages matter more than club number or even price.

Many professionals on the PGA Tour are feeling out some new equipment at the moment due to a raft of new releases with brand reps being kept very busy by their staffers.

Bryan is also trying out a new L.A.B. DF3 putter which he fell in love with instantly.

When asked how long he had tested the putter for, Bryan quipped: “About 30 minutes, and it’s going in the bag. It’s so stable.”

Bryan and his brother George launched a YouTube channel where they share their golf trick-shot videos for a growing audience. They also starred in the golf reality programme Big Break The Palm Beaches.

The brothers ventured into course ownership and renovation when they bought the Solina Golf Course in Lexington, South Carolina.