Every club Cobra Golf’s Lexi Thompson carries in her bag in 2023

Lexi Thompson

As one of the first LPGA Tour staffers for Cobra, few players have done as much for a brand as Lexi Thompson has for the Puma Golf offshoot.

Cobra now have three Major winners on their books, but there might not be any at all were it not for Thompson.

Off the tee, Thompson still backs the Cobra RadSpeed as her driver of choice.

The Cobra RadSpeed Driver has a classic 460cc design and 28g of forward-biased radial weighting to create an ultra-low spin driver with the quickest ball spin ever from Cobra.

The weighting technology promises a club that perfectly blends ultra-low spin, insane ball speed, and remarkable forgiveness. She sets up her 2021 Cobra RadSpeed driver at eight degrees and equips it with an ultra-stiff Fujikura Ventus Black 6X shaft.

To help lower her spin even further, Thompson has their custom 12-gram weight toward the face portion of the sole and a 2-gram weight in the rear part, thus moving the centre of gravity forward.

Thompson isn’t the sort of golfer who switches to new equipment simply because it’s new. She sticks to what works for her. Thompson’s Cobra King LTD fairway wood has purportedly been working for her since 2015 when the club was initially made available to the public.

She still ranks as one of the more powerful players on the LPGA Tour and can get away with utilizing a Cobra King Tec Utility 2-iron. In this case, she has taken to a new piece of gear quite quickly, given the club only dropped this year (2023).

However, her Cobra S2 Forged irons have rather incredibly been in her bag since 2009. Thompson’s S2 Forged irons have somewhat larger toplines and broader soles, with a little more offset, as compared to current forged cavity back irons. Overall, Thompson’s irons are intended to be slightly more forgiving than a current Tour CB.

She typically switches between using four wedges or having a 5-iron in her bag.

“Because I play with five wedges, sometimes I have to either take out a wedge or a — usually my 5-iron when I play,” Thompson said.

Thompson uses a black-and-pink Scotty Cameron GoLo N5 prototype mallet putter. With a custom knuckle-neck hosel, the putter helps achieve a slightly different toe hang for her desired feel and particular stroke.

What’s in the bag for Lexi Thompson?

Driver: Cobra RadSpeed (10.5 degrees @8)
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Black 6 X (45 inches)
3-wood: Cobra King LTD (13 degrees @12.5)
Shaft: Graphite Design Tour AD GP 6 S
Irons: Cobra King Tec Utility (2), Cobra S2 Forged (4-PW)
Shafts: UST Mamiya Recoil 55 F4 (2), Project X 5.0 (4-PW)
Wedges: Cobra King (48, 52, 56, 60)
Shafts: Project X 5.0
Putter: Scotty Cameron GoLo N5 knuckle neck prototype
Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet
Ball: Bridgestone Tour B RX