What you need to know about the new Wilson Dynapower forged irons

Wilson Dyanapower Forged irons

Wilson Golf has unveiled its all-new Dynapower Forged irons as the release chain keeps on rolling well into February.

The new irons are made of 8620 carbon steel and have an innovative Wilson Golf AI technology system as you would expect from clubs released in 2024.

The question many are asking is how a strong traditional golf equipment company like Wilson will do in delivering a cutting-edge set of irons.

Here we dive into the new release and try to cut through the marketing jargon to assess whether these clubs would be a worthwhile addition to your bag.

Wilson’s position in the market suggests that these clubs will be a slightly more affordable alternative to top-of-the-line forged irons offered by the really massive brands.

The tech-driven system has a unique Variable Face Thickness design to enable quicker ball speeds across the clubface.

This kind of tech is increasingly becoming standard as makers seek to use deep machine learning to master club-making.

“By utilising AI during construction and investing more in R&D, we’ve been able to thoroughly test every possible variation to deliver a forged iron that will offer incredible feel and distance off the club face, while providing an aesthetically appealing, thinner look from the top-line and at address,” said Jon Pergande, Manager of Wilson Golf Club Innovation.

Another featured piece of innovation is the Enhanced Power Hole Technology construction which is employed on clubs from their 4-7 iron and combines with Variable Face Thickness to deliver maximum distance, while the combination of a high MOI construction, a low centre of gravity, and weight redistribution towards the toe aims to provide more forgiving, higher-launching shots with excellent stopping power on the greens.

Where do the Wilson Dynapower forged irons fit into their range?

This new release appears to be an attempt by Wilson to bridge the gap between their staff model cavity-back irons, intended for very good to elite ball-strikers, and their mass-market MOI boosting and distance-enhancing standard Dynapower range.

These clubs are believed to be a successor to the old D9 forged irons which promised elements of game improvement brought into the forged market.

With this release, Wilson take that notion one step forward as they once again bring game-improvement elements to the fore with this release.

These new clubs probably fall into the player’s distance category which is arguably the largest market among irons.

Wilson’s Dynapower forged irons promise more distance than the standard Dynapower range and more forgiveness and offset than the staff cavity-backed irons.

This club might be seen as a progress club for players who feel they are improving their ball-striking and want to shift over to power irons but do not want to give up the forgiveness elements.