Less spin and more distance? What to expect from the new Titleist Pro V1, Pro V1x and Pro V1x Left Dash balls

Titleist has introduced Pro V1, Pro V1x, and Pro V1x Left Dash golf balls featuring enhanced alignment

Titleist has introduced Pro V1, Pro V1x and Pro V1x Left Dash golf balls featuring enhanced alignment.

An enlarged alignment sidestamp, intended for more accuracy and precise aim, is the new Enhanced Alignment assistance.

The extended sidestamp is more than 65% longer than the regular Pro V1 sidestamp and has an integrated visual assistance.

“Enhanced Alignment is designed for golfers seeking a more detailed, built-in alignment feature on their Pro V1, Pro V1x or Pro V1x Left Dash. We saw overwhelming interest in the single-colored line on Pro V1 Performance Alignment, and this is another alternative for players who prefer a slightly different look.” – Jeremy Stone, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball Marketing

Titleist provides over forty distinct alignment aid designs on the fourth pole of the Pro V1, which is opposite the sidestamp, in addition to Enhanced Alignment, and may be customised by placing an order at Titleist.com.

Orders for the Pro V1, Pro V1x, and Pro V1x Left Dash Enhanced Alignment golf balls opened on 17 May in the United States exclusively at authorised Titleist shops and online at titleist.com. On July 1, Enhanced Alignment will be accessible everywhere in the world where Titleist equipment is stocked and sold.

The left dash addition fits into the range of Titleist’s CPO (Custom Performance Option) models.

“CPO models are designed to fit players with very distinct needs and preferences,” said Titleist’s Tour Consultant for Golf Ball R&D Fordie Pitts.

“They might launch in a slightly different window to fit a player’s eye, offer slightly more or less spin, or feel softer or firmer. CPOs give us more tools in the toolbox to optimize and personalize performance for players we work with on tour.”

The Pro V1x Left Dash ball is intended for golfers looking for lower spin on all shots. It sports flight characteristics very similar to Pro V1x (high flight) but with a higher compression design, which ultimately delivers lower spin and firmer feel than both Pro V1 and Pro V1x.

Many players report seeing gains in ball speed and driver distance while using the Pro V1x Left Dash ball.

Any golfers setting out to reduce spin through their bag might benefit from the specific performance of Pro V1x Left Dash.