Everything you need to know about the new Scotty Cameron Phantom putters

Scotty Cameron

The Titleist-produced Scotty Cameron range of putters is the envy of many on the course, but what can we expect from the new additions to the Phantom family?

The answer is everything you would normally associate with Titleist and Scotty Cameron – and a little more.

When looking at the brains behind the clubs there has been a new addition to Scotty Cameron’s team in the form of former Odyssey man Austie Rollinson.

“Bouncing ideas off him and taking the best parts of what he’s done and the best of what I’ve done, it’s been a lot of fun,” Cameron told GOLF.com. “In the design of Phantom, without you knowing it, it aims itself. How can that be? It’s very subliminal. Even the shaft bend aims down your target line. All of this came from having the ability to work with someone I really respect. We run ideas by each other all the time.”

The new Scotty Cameron Phantom 5, 5.5, 5s, 7, 7.5, 9 and 9.5 models will be available worldwide beginning March 29, 2024, with the Phantom 11, 11.5 and new Phantom 11 Long Design joining the line on May 17, 2024.


Now we aren’t going to call out any mallet putters for being ugly here, but when you buy a Phantom putter you don’t need to worry about having an eyesore in your bag.

Clean and classic, the multi-material design only enhances the look as well as the feel and sound of the putter.


Scotty Cameron asked the professionals what they wanted from a mallet and they came back with the answer of alignment.

“Max Homa, Justin Thomas and tour players around the world have found success with Phantom putters, and we’re constantly talking with them and learning more about what they want from their mallet. Recently, it’s been alignment that has dominated those conversations.

“We’ve taken that feedback and designed the new Phantoms to give players useful, intuitive alignment features, not only with the sight dots and lines visible at address but also with the overall shape of each model. Every aspect of the putter design is working together. Every angle has been refined to accentuate a down-the-line view, so the player has a clear and confident look at every putt.”


Every model features a new full-contact paddle-style grip, reminiscent of Scotty’s classic Baby T design with modern updates.

Custom-designed for the new Phantom line, the grip is uniquely shaped for more contact and comfort as well as improved face angle awareness through its flat top surface. In addition, the “chain link” texture delivers a reliable grip in all conditions.


ALIGNMENT-INFUSED DESIGNS: Based on tour player input, Scotty designed new 2024 Phantom putter shapes with alignment systems to help players easily and correctly align the putter at address. In addition to a refined, alignment-promoting overall shape, each model features alignment cues that range from elegantly milled sight dots on the 5 and 7 models, to mechanically straight sight lines on the 9 models, to arrow-shaped lines on the 11 models, helping to give the player a clear pre-putt look towards the hole.

RE-ENGINEERED MULTI-MATERIAL CONSTRUCTION: Each 2024 Phantom model’s putter face and body is crafted from 303 stainless steel and integrated with lightweight 6061 aircraft aluminum flange and sole plate components. These multi-material designs have been made more rigid, giving players added stability and more solid feel while complementing the models’ new optimized vibration damping technology.

DUAL-MILLED FACE TECHNOLOGY: Every 303 stainless steel face on new Phantom putters features Scotty’s dual-milled face technology, which originated on tour and was first introduced to golfers in 2023’s Super Select line. The dual-milling process provides better sound and feel while combining deep-milled softness with the feedback and consistency of mid-milled offerings. 2024 Phantom putter faces each undergo an initial deep mill, before a second pass levels the milling peaks to produce a flatter, more consistent surface. The result is a tour-inspired look and feel along with the line’s most consistent face to date.