Toulon drop ‘labour of love’ putter collection


Toulon Golf unveiled its First Run Collection putter lineup in late February, a complement to its Small Batch putter launches that came earlier in the hectic release season.

Produced in larger quantities, the First Run Collection is priced lower than the Small Batch offerings.

The collection has eight distinct head shapes: four blades and four mallets.

Six models – previous Toulon designs have been improved and adapted for this release – are Madison, San Diego, Austin, Memphis, Atlanta, and Las Vegas.

For 2024, there will be two new models: Alcatraz, a big mallet, and New York City, a wide-body blade.

Toulon is known for its craftsmanship and dedication to the things that really matter to golfers.

“We couldn’t be more excited to share the 2024 First Run Collection line with the world,” said Toulon Golf founder Sean Toulon.

“At our core, my sons and I are golfers. We get excited about putters and how they uniquely evoke emotion and make golfers feel. Our putters are a labor of love and we feel that shines through in the final product.”

Toulon, an offshoot of Callaway putter division Odyssey, gives golfers the kind of equipment that has a small batch feel to it with the undoubted quality of golfing equipment heavyweights.

Toulon uses Heritage Green and Cream paint fills across their line of 303 stainless steel putters, utilising its Chocolate PVD finish to round off a sharp-looking aesthetic.

Face milling is Double Fly Cut at a mid-depth.

Every putter sole in the First Run Collection has two weights, which are adjustable and interchangeable.

Approximately 360 grams is the final head weight crossing the line.

However, thanks to customisable weighting, golfers may add up to 30 grams or shave 10 grams from their head weight simply switching out the weights.

Furthermore, Toulon’s Heavy-Spec package includes the whole First Run Collection portfolio, satisfying the growing demand for longer, heavier putters. Heavy-Spec putters have an oversized 15-inch handle and larger head weights.

The new models

The multi-material New York City is billed as “a longer and wider cousin to our previous Chicago design,” and it has an H1.5 crank neck hosel design that is significantly longer, as well as a machined 6061 aluminium sole plate that pushes some bulk to the periphery. The NYC is touted by Toulon as their most forgiving blade design to date.

The Alcatraz, Toulon’s 2024 rendition of the well-liked “Jailbird” design, is the biggest mallet in the First Run Collection. The multi-material design, face-balanced with a double bend shaft, is constructed with MOI in mind. It is also offered with an H1 crank neck should you desire one.