Tony Finau makes driver shaft change to address spin issue

Tony Finau

After a disappointing start to the season off the tee from Tony Finau, he has opted to make a big equipment change.

The Ping G430 LST driver remains in his bag for the Texas Children’s Houston Open, but Finau has made a shaft change that is intended to address an issue with the amount of spin generated by the club.

He conceded that he may have gone wrong with his setup and felt the choice to change his shaft was a no-brainer.

Finau traded the Mitsubishi Diamana D+ Limited 70TX driver shaft he has been using for some time now for a new Mitsubishi Diamana GT 70T.

Mitsubishi claims the GT model’s handle section is the stiffest of any Diamana device, and its softer tip and mid-section blend in flawlessly with Finau’s distinct release and transition.

“My driver’s been a little high spin for me over the last month or so, and so I just figured it was time to probably check out the equipment,” Finau told

“It definitely showed me that I was using a shaft that was maybe too tip-stiff for me, the way I load the club now.”

Finau’s newest change comes after he spent the winter focusing on swing speed increases.

The six-time PGA TOUR winner has made noticeable progress to begin the season.

During the 2022-23 season, Finau averaged 118.3 mph clubhead speed, 178.1 mph ball speed, and 304.2 yards per drive. In 2024, he has gained five miles per hour in both club head speed (123.9 mph) and ball speed (183.30 mph).

Nonetheless, he’s averaging 2.2 yards fewer off the tee, at 302.0 yards per shot, as a result of his soaring spin rates. His driving accuracy has decreased from 60.7% to 54.9%.

Spin isn’t necessarily a negative thing; in general, greater spin is likely to improve accuracy; nevertheless, for such a fast player, 3,000+ rpm might be counterproductive while pursuing ideal distance and accuracy. Finau’s stat sheet demonstrates that. The 34-year-old has never finished in the top 50 in SG: Off-the-Tee, although he is presently ranked outside the top 70.

“I’m just getting stronger with my lower body,” Finau said. “I’ve always had speed, but I have a stronger body, so it’s just easier to move the club faster.”

Finau doesn’t make too many changes to his equipment and it appears this change has been driven by a clear and present problem for the PGA Tour star.