Taylor Made have targetted October for the launch of their latest offering to the golfing world, the ‘TM Tour Preferred Irons’,

Taylor Made, who are incurring growing criticism for their increasingly rapid turnover of new upgraded equipment, are at it again.
In October they are planning to launch a new set of irons that will incorporate the latest feedback they have been getting from TM Staff and other Tour players – and fittingly the new clubs been named the ‘Taylor Made Tour Preferred Irons’
They will be fitted with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts and will be available from a 2-iron to a 9-iron and through a pitching wedge and an attack wedge to a sand wedge.
A set of eight Tour Preferred Irons will cost £599 (about $1,100)
“The first thing you notice about the Tour Preferred iron when you position it behind the ball, is the classically designed thin topline and that it’s shorter from heel to toe than the average iron,” says Brian Bazzel, TaylorMade’s manager of iron creation.
“What you don’t see at address is the sole design and features in the cavity that help drive the performance of this club.”
As well as a new sole shape, TM engineers have ‘softened’ the leading and trailing edges to minimize resistance and reduce digging in at impact, while an undercut cavity is designed to reduce vibration and improve feel.
TaylorMade’s Scott White adds: “We’ve worked hard to prove to golfers that we’re more than a metalwood company. These Tour Preferred irons are guaranteed to turn more players into believers.”