Titleist promise longer distance and less spin from new golf ball release

Titleist AVX

To succeed as a golfer you must have faith in your swing, your ability to make the next shot, and of course in your tools – particularly the golf ball.

With their new AVX, Titleist aim to inspire golfers with that confidence. The new ball is better than ever, according to the makers, including a more penetrating trajectory, enhanced greenside spin and control, a longer tee-to-green distance, and a softer feel.

It’s for players looking for a low-flying, low-spinning golf ball with a very soft feel and excellent greenside control.

Titleist promise longer distance from tee-to-green generated by a new large high-speed, high-gradient core, while its new proprietary urethane cover is purported to increase greenside spin for improved short-game control.

The new ball delivers with its upgraded thin high-flex casing layer which lowers spin on long game shots.

Furthermore, new aerodynamic dimple pattern is engineered to generate a more piercing ball flight.

AVX is all about delivering a combination of low flight and low spin with an incredibly soft feel.

Titleist R&D has taken things up a notch, enhancing AVX to give you even more distance and even more green-side spin and performance.

So, what’s the secret behind this improved model?

“The AVX has a larger, softer core that leads to more distance from tee to green,” Titleist claim.

“If you’re a player that sees high drives balloon and cost you distance, AVX can provide a flatter ball flight for extra yards. Around the core, a new casing layer reduces spin on longer iron shots.

“This means if you normally hit a five iron into a green, you might get home with a six.AVX players asked for more spin around the green, and Titleist R&D was able to add spin to AVX in the short game.

“The soft feel of AVX has always appealed to players. This AVX has a softer urethane cover for better feel, providing more confidence on shorter shots.

“So, whether you’ve played AVX in the past or it’s new to you, know that Titleist improved a ball that already had low long-game spin, low flight, and soft feel, with more distance on every shot, more spin around the green, and an even softer feel.

“A new 346 quadrilateral dipyramid catenary dimple design creates a more piercing ball flight.”

The new AVX ball is available in both white and high optic yellow.