The everyday golf grip wrap

PrideSports has once again challenged conventional thinking with the launch of their new Softspikes ‘ClubGrip’ grip-wrap.

Forward-thinking PrideSports, manufacturer of Softspikes cleats, the No 1 cleat brand on the European Tour, has once again challenged conventional thinking with the launch of their new Softspikes ClubGrip, which, they claim, is the first-ever “grip wrap” to enter the golf market.

Designed to provide superior tack, more comfort, and greater absorbency than traditional grips, the new Softspikes ClubGrip allows golfers to enhance the grips on their clubs for a fraction of the cost, and in less than half the time usually spent on traditional re-gripping.

During the current, challenging economic golf climate, the ClubGrip brings a cost effective solution to traditional re-gripping, without compromising performance.

In fact, say the manufacturers, the Softspikes ClubGrip has the feel, durability and cushioning of today’s high performance grips, yet require no tools for the re-gripping process.

Answering the same alternative grip solution that has proven successful in the tennis industry, the Softspikes ClubGrip is ideal in all weather conditions and is a versatile product that can be used to enhance new or worn grips.

Installation is a wrapping method that takes about one minute per club and involves simply applying ClubGrip over existing grips, eliminating the need for a vice, double-sided tape, knife, or solvent, which are required with standard re-gripping methods.

“Sometimes the simplest solutions answer the greatest demands, and that is the case with the Softspikes ClubGrip,” says Joe Zeller, President, PrideSports.

“For years golfers have struggled with both the cost and labour intensive process involved in re-gripping golf clubs. Now, we’ve developed a simple, low-cost solution to making golf grips look and feel like new, while performing at the high-level of today’s premier golf grips.”

The Softspikes ClubGrip comes in packs of 3 and is available in Black and Green colour options with a suggested retail price of £3.75.

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