The 7 best balls for low swing speed golfers to get more distance

Vice Pro ball

A lot of golfers pour over numbers to try to find the best equipment for them but often fail to take their own game into account.

One of the big differences between the pros and the average hacker is club speed.

Finding the right ball for your club speed can be tricky with balls known to take on different qualities according to the speed they are hit at.

Here, we look at the seven balls that are rated the longest for players with slow swing speed.

7 Oncore Elixr

The upgraded OnCore ELIXR golf ball has the same three-piece design and patented perimeter weighting as the original. However, OnCore have updated and strengthened the polybutadiene core to increase ball speed, carry, and roll.

A stiffer cover with a 350-dimple design (up from 318) and mid-compression provides a pure feel off the club face, giving the new ELIXR greater greenside control, longevity, and unparalleled performance in its category.

6 Mizuno RB Tour

Mizuno RB Tour Golf Balls are best suited for mid to slower swing speeds in warm, dry weather, as well as all speeds in cooler, less severe conditions. This golf ball is a soft compression ball with a two-piece design that provides outstanding distance and flight time thanks to the high-energy core and Mizuno’s distinctive 566 micro-dimple patterns.

The revised dimple shape reduces drag, slowing the rate of descent after the flight’s apex and maximising distance. The massive, high-energy cores contribute to less driver spin and a more efficient and stable flight with greater launch.

5 Srixon Z-Star XV

Z-STAR produces maximum greenside spin, resulting in unparalleled control and stopping power. Its premium 3-piece design provides expert golfers with tour-level performance from tee to green.

While hard cores are faster, whereas soft cores are slower the Z-Star seeks balance. The harder a golf ball, the harsher it feels at contact, which might diminish your confidence under pressure. Its FastLayer DG Cores are soft in the centre and harder from the inside out. The contrasted compression allows them to bounce quicker off the face, resulting in amazing distance while maintaining outstanding feel.

4 Wilson Triad

Triad provides strong, precise performance, allowing you to hit more fairways, attack more pins, and sink more putts. Triad is designed for long, steady flights, tight control on approach shots, and pinpoint precision on the green.

Triad’s high MOI design shifts weight from the core to the outer layers of the golf ball, resulting in quicker ball speed and reduced driver spin for a more stable ball trajectory and more fairways hit.

3 Srixon Z-Star Diamond

The Srixon 2023 Z Star Diamond balls have a FastLayer DG Core that is soft in the centre and firmer from the inside out. The contrasted compression allows the ball to rebound faster off the face for more distance while maintaining superb feel.

This golf ball has an extremely thin, thermoplastic urethane cover that provides tour-level stopping power on the greens. This golf ball contains 338 Speed Dimples that produce lift, propelling the ball higher towards its peak and maximising glide distance during descent. The low drag coefficient keeps the ball on target through flowing air and maintains distance in headwinds.

2 Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash

Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash golf balls are designed for golfers who want a high flight similar to Pro V1x but with significantly less full swing spin and a firmer feel.

The hard cast urethane elastomer cover system was designed exclusively for the Pro V1x Left Dash to provide speed, greenside spin, and control.

A spherically-tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design has been optimised for the Pro V1x Left Dash to maximise distance while maintaining excellent and consistent flight and performance.

1 Vice Pro Plus

While the Vice Pro Plus ball is designed for high-swing speed players it remains the longest flying ball even at lower speeds.

Vice Pro Plus players love the emphasis on the combination of soft feel, excellent distance and maximum spin around the green.

The ball doesn’t ever skimp on distance and if you want a ball that really travels this should be your choice.