TaylorMade Qi10 Designer series drivers delight the golfing aesthete

TaylorMade Qi10

The Qi10 Max Designer Series clubs are billed as being where the forgiveness of 10K inertia meets aesthetics refined by TaylorMade’s most creative designers.

They also promise to give you the tools and the freedom to express your own style in 10K.

The distinct colourways include the classy Black Out as well as Gold Dust for the flashier golfer, Cobalt Blue for the ice cool, and Ruby Red for the fired-up types.

“The Designer Series is a visual feast, capturing inspiration from the automotive world, pop culture and our design team’s individual creativity,” TaylorMade say.

The clubs have a recommended retail price of $629.99 and come fitted with a Mitsubishi Diamana T+ 60 shaft available in regular or stiff flex.

Sadly for left-handers, the Max clubs are currently only being made available for right-handers. However standard Qi10 Designer Series Drivers are available for both.

The Qi10 Max is TaylorMade’s most forgiving driver ever and rivals its major competitors in the loose Max class drivers which all promise maximum forgiveness.

The designer versions of the drivers are made available in 9 and 10.5 degree loft options.

For an extra $30 you can get your new Qi10 series driver in a colourway that should be reasonably rare unless your club is particularly thick with TaylorMade enthusiasts out for a bit of colour or blacked-out elegance.

As far as the base product goes Qi10 drivers have been strategically engineered to help players optimize distance and enhance forgiveness and are among the market leaders in these fields.

Along with a significant increase in forgiveness, the TaylorMade Qi10 driver claims to produce ball speed and distance.

Although they always seemed to fall short in terms of forgiveness and dispersion, TaylorMade has a long history of producing some of the greatest golf drivers in terms of ball speed and distance. With TaylorMade putting a greater emphasis than ever on forgiveness, the new line of Qi10 drivers seeks to change the conversation around their drivers.

The key technology behind the TaylorMade Qi10

Strategic mass redistribution is made possible by TaylorMade’s sophisticated building methods, which also enable a deep and low Centre of Gravity (CG) for the best launch and spin control while preserving a high MOI. 97% of the top surface is covered by the new crown, giving it a sleek, refined appearance.

A concentrated mass is housed at the extreme limit from CG in the Qi10 Max’s shallower head form, which spans from front to rear. Because of its unusual form, the clubhead’s mass can be positioned farther out from its centre, greatly increasing the clubhead’s inertia which is what drives what we call forgiveness.

A shaft with reduced torque was developed by TaylorMade as a result of intensive research and testing, which enhanced face closure upon impact to promote better striking.

In addition, the Qi10 Max makes use of the third generation of 60X Carbon Twist Face, which maintains ball speed on mishits while still producing a quick face on centre strokes. To effectively maximise energy transmission upon impact, this technology is combined with a revised ledge that houses the face in a coordinated flexing position.