TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver launch splits opinion with old-school look

TaylorMade BRNR Mini-Driver copper

TaylorMade Golf is introducing a new version of its incredibly successful BRNR Mini-Driver with a retro look.

The BRNR Mini-Driver Copper was made available for purchase from Friday, April 5 and goes to market with a recommended retail price of £379.

TaylorMade’s Mini Driver franchise has many stalwart fans, but the clubs tend to divide opinion, whether that be because of aesthetics or actual elements of how they play.

The current overhaul of the BRNR Mini Driver is a purely aesthetic one so if your axe to grind with the club is how it plays you’re unlikely to be brought onside by this release.

Tommy Fleetwood is the most notable professional to currently use the BRNR Mini-Driver, but this new design doesn’t appear to have found its way into the Englishman’s bag.

The standout feature of the new club is that the BRNR logo has been replaced with a retro TaylorMade engraving that looks like it was pulled from a golf magazine lying dormant in the doctor’s waiting room since the 1990s. Some will be fans of this stylistic change, but plenty others will not.

TaylorMade have made it clear that the BRNR Mini-Driver is inspired by their Burner drivers of the late 1990s.

Copper is the name and the otherwise dominant element in the new style.

The copper accent hues prominent in the base edition have grown more dominant, spilling over into the crown and covering the top edge banner strip, a bold choice that appears to have worked out well in this case. The appearance of the K-Sole has changed, but the technology has not.

That K-Sole helps the club glide smoothly through turf, reducing resistance and promoting a consistent strike that enables golfers to sport “driver off the deck” distance with the consistency of higher lofted fairway woods.

As with the original BRNR Mini Driver, the construction is a multi-material made up of carbon fibre, titanium, and steel, resulting in some of the most dramatic acoustics of any driver in the game. The split weights enable golfers to select between the regular setting (13g in the back) for greater forgiveness and the low spin option (13g in the front) for a more piercing ball trajectory.

The new edition of the BRNR Mini Driver will be offered in two lofts for right-handers: 11.5 and 13.5, but just the 11.5 head for lefties.

TaylorMade’s Mini Drivers typically sell out very rapidly, and with the interesting aesthetic modifications to the BRNR Mini Driver Copper, there could be something of a rush on these clubs.

The Movable Weight Technology, which gives players their choice of forgiveness and versatility or increased distance with a piercing ball flight, has been retained in the new design.