Softspikes, a world leader in the production of golf cleats and accessories, has come up with a new green saver

Softspikes, a world leader in the production of green-saving golf cleats, has come up with a new innovation which will further improve the surfaces we putt on.
It could, in fact, be every bit as valuable in this respect as soft spikes themselves have been.
Too many greens are left with too many pitch marks that have been badly repaired or indeed worsened by the incorrect use of the traditional pitch fork, but the new push-type repair tool, described by Softspikes as being “the game’s first pitch mark repairer designed with green recovery in mind”, could end all that.
Ground-breaking in more ways than one, the Softspikes Push tool features an ergonomic design that encourages golfers to push rather than dig when repairing a ball mark.
The net benefit of this innovative tool is that it causes far less damage and stress to the roots of the grass than a normal pitch mark repairer which lifts and tears the roots, substantially increasing green recovery times.
The Softspikes Push tool has been manufactured to fit comfortably into the golfer’s hand. The thumb indent and two finger grip have been manufactured to allow for safe, sturdy use and helps users to correctly repair ball marks in the most green-friendly fashion.
“We believe that the Softspikes Push tool is a truly innovative product that will go a long way to helping golf courses around the world maintain their greens to a higher standard,” says Louise Roe, the Business Unit Manager of Pride Sports’ .
“It is a well known fact that unrepaired ball marks take two to three weeks to properly heal, leaving behind unsightly, uneven putting surfaces.
“On the other hand, a properly repaired ball mark takes only half that time to heal.”
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