Scratch sunglasses

Confused about sunglasses for golf? Worry no more – Scratch sunglasses are purpose-designed for it.

It is not so long ago that anyone playing sport in sunglasses was dismissed as an oddball or a show-pony.
But thankfully those notions are now old hat and very few continue to dismiss the benefits of reducing the glare of the sun or the advantages of light-enhancing lenses.
No more is it only the vain who want to protect their eyes from the ravages of bright light or their faces from the ageing effects of crow’s feet.
But if athletes now accept that sunglasses are a sensible option, it remains difficult to judge which sunglasses are best suited to your needs.
Well, golfers need fear no more because Rapid Eyewear have created Scratch – a golf specific range that has been designed and manufactured with the needs of the golfer foremost in mind.
As a consequence each set in the range comes with three sets of interchangeable lenses – every one dealing with the varied conditions a player faces at different times of the day or the year.
The first are yellow and light-enhancing – perfect for use on cloudy, dull days or those late finishes to the golfing day when the light drops and depth perception becomes tricky.
The second set is beige and polarised – the perfect all-rounder, ideal for partial sunshine and bright conditions. The polarised filter reduces the glare caused by the sun’s rays bouncing off horizontal surfaces.
And the third and final lens is mirror-coated – the best option for sunny conditions with the green filter allowing greater definition between white ball and the background. In especially bright conditions it helps the golfer judge distance from the ball to the flag.
All lenses have an anti-scratch coating and are ‘de-centred’ – which means they are optically calibrated to nullify the potentially distorting effects of having a curved, wrap-around lens in front of your eye-line.
The glasses have tough frames made from the virtually unbreakable TR90 and polycarbonate materials, have 100% UVA and UVB protection and come with carry case, cleaning cloth and neck strap.
The top of the range Ace sunglasses, which retail at £49.99, have even more features to grab the player’s attention – adjustable nose pieces and vented lenses prevent fogging and greatly reduce the build-up of sweat around the eye-line.
Great looking and performing sunglasses for golf are one thing – but what if you’re a prescription wearer? Standard sunglasses aren’t really up to the job and clip-ons are even worse.
So Scratch offer the Pro x Prescription sunglasses – high-performance golf sunglasses that start from around £74.99 and have a turnaround time of just 7-10 days.
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