Putt Pucks – hits the target

Struggling with your putting? Putt Pucks might be the answer – an innovative idea that naturally promotes a good strike at the ball.

How do you practice your putting in the home? Against a table leg? Or a coffee mug? Or even one of those curious machines that fires the ball back at you if hit the target?
Well a new option is Putt Pucks – a new putting system that offers golfers not just a target but also throws up some challenges that can improve your putting in unique and cunning ways.
At the 2009 London Golf Show the potential of Putt Pucks was recognized by Sky Sports who awarded it best product of the show in the under £50 category.
The prize was no surprise because any golfer can quickly grasp what the Pucks can offer a struggling putter.
Produced by Dinamic Golf, Putt Pucks are a unique putting tool comprising three interlocking components – the central puck, inner puck and outer puck.
The innovative 3-in-1 design allows the different components to be used either independently or combined to create literally dozens of different putting targets.
Each system has three distinct uses.
The most obvious use is to keep it as one Puck – it works as an instant rebound tool giving you immediate feedback as to whether your putt was hit straight, pulled or pushed, leaving you free to concentrate on your stroke.
In this shape it is the size of a golf hole, but the ice hockey puck-shape makes you strike at the target, rather than the feared push or waft that so destroys a putting stroke.
The Puck can then be broken down into three differently sized targets which can either be putted at normally or used in dozens of different formations and challenges.
The final use is ingenious – the Pucks fit snuggly into a practice green golf hole so reducing the cup size, offering you the opportunity to putt at a smaller cup so that when you get out on the course the hole “looks like a bucket”.
Putt Pucks have a tag line of “Hit the Target” and that is one of the huge benefits of the system – golfers become used to striking the ball at something which naturally promotes a good ball contact and a strong stroke.
Inventor Nick Metcalf used to work for the European Tour so he understands the importance the top players place on putting.
He has also seen how many hours they work on the greens and recognizes the need for practice to be innovative and challenging.
With that in mind he has gone beyond merely creating a new tool and has provided Putt Pucks users with a series of different drills that are designed to be fun, addictive and ultimately great for your putting, allowing you to practice line, length or both combined.
One of the most striking elements of watching golfers play with the Pucks is that putts are not left short – instantly cutting out the most common error amongst poor putters.
Available in a wide series of colours Putt Pucks look set to win more plaudits amongst golfers in the near future.
For more information, go to www.puttpucks.com