PSiTouch to give club members 2020 vision

With the new World Handicapping System (WHS) to be introduced in 2020, Club Systems International’s PSiTouch screen looks set to become a fixture in English clubhouses after the company was awarded ‘preferred partner’ status by England Golf.

Club Systems International (CSI) is Europe’s leading golf club IT specialist, and, as the governing body of amateur golf in England looks to prepare small clubs for the introduction of WHS, the availability of grants towards a purchase would seem to herald the widespread use of CSI’s 10″ PSiTouch screen.

The screen allows members to input their own competition and casual scores for handicap calculation purposes, which is a prerequisite for WHS.

Grants of more than £500 are available to smaller clubs, which need to meet at least one of three criteria to qualify for a grant: having fewer than 300 members, an annual revenue of less than £250,000, or employing fewer than three full-time staff. Clubs meeting the required criteria will qualify for a grant totalling 25, 50, or 75 per cent of the normal PSiTouch price of £695 (+vat).

CSI, which owns and administrates Europe’s largest online golfing community, HowDidiDo, is actively helping clubs prepare for the introduction of WHS and recently attended each of more than 40 England Golf workshops for club administrators and committee members.

Richard Peabody, CSI’s managing director said: “We are delighted to be working so closely with England Golf on this initiative. Giving something back and helping to grow and progress the game, is very much at the heart of CSI’s philosophy.

“Our financial support of World Handicapping in England will help smaller clubs introduce this cutting-edge technology, in line with their larger counterparts. To be awarded ‘Preferred Partner’ status confirms England Golf’s endorsement of our products and services. It is a huge honour for all 50-plus staff at CSI, and recognises our long-term commitment to the golf industry.”

Gemma Hunter, England Golf’s handicap and course rating manager, added: “This partnership brings us the opportunity to give back to clubs and make a positive contribution to the costs of introducing the WHS.

“A major part of the WHS will involve players inputting their own scores and these grants will be of great benefit to clubs which are struggling to afford a touch screen. The screens will also benefit club administrators who will save time by not having to manually input scores or manage supplementary scores.”

CSI is currently engaged in a series of 16 roadshow events, with officials demonstrating its new technologies and updates – including the 10″ inch PSiTouch – to club officials and administrators. The roadshows run until November 14.

Club Systems International Ltd has been designing, building and supporting IT systems for golf clubs since 1982. Now, with nearly 2,000 golf clubs in the UK and Ireland – along with customers as far afield as Dubai, Ghana and Sri Lanka – CSI has grown to lead the UK and Ireland golf club market. |