PrideSport bring unique tee to market

PrideSports, a world leader in golf tees, has launched a new offset tee that will help increase distance and accuracy off the tee box.

PrideSports, a world leader in golf tees, has launched a revolutionary new offset tee they claim will help increase your distance and accuracy off the tee box.
Their PTS Offset is the first plastic tee to feature a 30-degree offset angle, and will be the most advanced tee on the market.
The proprietary new offset design, which joins PrideSports’ comprehensive Tee arsenal, allows the new tee to increase ball visibility, while creating contact with the club at its maximum speed and optimum trajectory and resulting in longer drives.
The innovative 30-degree ‘attack angle’ on the PTS Offset golf tee also promotes an ascending blow, designed to minimize spin and further maximize distance.
This optimal launch angle, combined with reduced tee friction, produces the most innovative, high performance golf tee.
The PTS Offset tee joins the renowned PTS colour code system, making it easy to identify PrideSports’ two most popular tee sizes:
– The ProLength® 2¾ inch tee that features a yellow locator bar, and
– The ProLength-PLUS® 3¼ inch tee that features a blue locator bar.
The locator bars also help to indicate how far to put the tee in the ground, thus increasing height consistency every time.
“As a complement to our longstanding wooden golf tee business, and the popular PTS line of tees, we have developed the innovative PTS Offset tee, which offers performance features unlike any tee in golf today,” said Joe Zeller, President, PrideSports.
“The PTS Offset tee provides a launch angle and contact point that has never before been possible, resulting in longer, straighter drives.”
The PTS Offset Tee has a suggested retail price of £2.99 for a pack of fifteen in 2¾ inch length tees and £3.49 for a pack of fifteen in 3¼ inch length tees.
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