Powakaddy’s touch ‘n go

Powakaddy’s new intuitive electric trolley comes as a ground-breaking innovation from the market leaders.

PowaKaddy, the number one name in powered golf carts, is set to improve its already strong offering with the introduction of the innovative new PowaKaddy Touch.
Fundamentally different, the new PowaKaddy Touch deploys patented responsive technology to automatically change pace when you change yours.
The new PowaKaddy Touch is incredibly easy to use as Lee Manvell, PowaKaddy’s Group Product Manager, explains,
“To use simply rest your hand on the handle, start walking and the trolley will respond to your speed. As you slow, so will the PowaKaddy Touch. Take your hand off and it will maintain that speed”.
The new product offering remains true to PowaKaddy’s key qualities of product innovation, design and technology which continue to drive the market and set the standard in the industry.
The new PowaKaddy Touch has all the key features you come to expect from the market leaders.
Extremely lightweight but with a robust aluminium frame, combined with new 20AH Lead Acid Battery the PowaKaddy Touch with Touch ‘n’ Go technology provides effortless motion.
A 200W motor balanced with its highly efficient gearbox delivers smooth, gradual power while remaining whisper quiet.
There are some stylish and functional finishing touches too including a comfortable soft touch grip allowing for ambidextrous handling and a versatile bag grip which when used with a PowaKaddy bag, provides zero movement and twist due to the key lock base.
It stands upright when folded making it easy to lift and stow for transit.
Commenting on latest PowaKaddy Chief Executive Terry Hale says, “The Touch is a completely new product for PowaKaddy.
“Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest and that is certainly the case here as the user doesn’t even have to think about it, they simply have to Touch ‘n’ Go.
“It is a big step forward for us in terms of product performance and we are very confident that the product will be well received by both our current loyal consumer base and new PowaKaddy purchasers.”
The new PowaKaddy Touch will be available from July 2010 at a suggested retail price of £399