PING refresh PLD Milled putters – and the standards are as high as ever

2024 PING PLD Milled putters

There is nothing about the 2024 PING PLD Milled putters that is surprising – but the range certainly lives up to the company’s impeccable standards.

We cannot fault the production quality, and as usual with PING there is a whole lot of tech going into what appear to be pretty standard putters.

This new range includes two blades and three mallets. The clubs are also available for both right and left-handers across the board although the centre-shafters among you will be left disappointed.

The one thing that might be just a little surprising if I can immediately contradict myself is that this is a milled putter range from a company who have traditionally favoured cast clubs.

PING’s previous failures in getting into the milled putter market have not deterred them and these clubs are much closer to what you would expect from a golfing technician’s brand.

The milling is precise and dare we say it a little bit sexy with all the new putters milled from steel, aluminium or both.

PING haven’t made a great deal of fuss about this range and intend to let the clubs do the talking.

The atypical head designs of the mallets stand out with the new Oslo 3 with its wavy neck and the multi-material Ally Blue 4 certainly catching the eye with how unique they are.

Arguably the headline act of this release is the PING PLD Milled Anser which could become the definitive Anser model out there once all the user data comes in.

This club has been lauded as an off-the-rack equivalent to a PING PLD Milled Custom Anser, a club that costs fully $1000 more than the new launch.

When it comes to blades, feel is often the key component for golfers and it seems that PING have really hit on a winner with this Anser.

Also coming is the PING PLD Milled Anser 2D which has already been seen on the PGA Tour in the hands of Tony Finau.

Meanwhile, PING have also advanced the cause of the oft-maligned round mallet with their new DS72 option although we’d be surprised if they won converts to the cause even with this remarkable club.

PING have switched things up with the Oslo 3 which is inspired by the 2016 Vault version of the putter used by Tyrell Hatton.

The Oslo avoids round mallet alignment issues with its very square central cavity and gives you the weightiness of a mallet in spades.

Of all these clubs the Ally Blue 4 stands out as the biggest departure from the traditional, but still this is hardly surprising from a company like PING.

The milled aluminium mallet also sports a hosel made of the same material and a slant neck giving it strong-arc putter qualities.

Those qualities and the stainless steel sole plate suggest that the club was inspired by the Ketsch.

The listed retail price for the range is $485 per club but PING also offers their PLD Milled Custom program which will allow you to build your perfect putter.