New Level offer something special with scope-broadening 480-DB irons

New Level 480-DB

New Level may be a brand that still have some work to do establishing themselves in the golf space, but their latest offering promises something special from their flagship range.

The initial target market for New Level has been the better player. Not just serious golfers but players making good contact with the ball more often than not.

New Level’s 480 line has impressed those who have dived in and won New Level many loyal converts.

The hope is that the 480-DB irons will expand their share of the market by offering a club with the same great distance but also featuring an enlarged sweet spot.

Word on the course is that the 480-DB will serve as a replacement for the 902os irons which will become defunct.

Players who prioritize feel should enjoy the solid design of the cavity back irons as the DBs will be fully forged one-piece golf clubs.

This is no hollow multi-piece club and New Level have also done a lot of work balancing the club.

Who are the 480-DB Irons for?

According to New Level, the 480-DB Irons are for the player looking for a balance of feel and control with added forgiveness on off-center strikes.

To decode that we are looking at clubs that are good for players who feel they are doing quite well but could improve from purer striking.

New Level didn’t use the new iron to chase distance, as is the current golf trend. The spec sheet for the 480-DB showed a 45-degree pitching wedge and a 33-degree 7-iron, which weakened the lofts. With these lofts, the DB can maintain a constant distance off the face with minimal offset.

The new irons also include a conventional design at the forefront so that detail-oriented players may glance down at them with assurance that they will perform well in any situation. The clean lines at address bely the elements included to boost forgiveness and maintain consistent striking.

Regardless of the length or shaft being used, master club makers will be able to precisely adjust the weight for the player with a weight low in the back cavity.

The new 480-DB, in New Level’s opinion, is among the most forgiving one-piece forged irons available right now. For improved turf interaction, a pre-worn leading edge on the sole should also pass through the turf more rapidly and with less digging.