The new INOVAI mallet line coming from Bettinardi looks impressive and offers moldular versatility

Bettinardi INOVAI

At first look at the INOVAI mallet line coming from Bettinardi suggests that the line could be worth waiting for if you are a fan of the brand or not.

There are familiar features on the new line that demonstrate its lineage.

Those include but are not limited to the proprietary tech behind the Roll Control™ Face and the clubs multi-material construction.

These putters are modular as a feature which gives 26 right-handed and 10 left-handed variations.

Each front piece, milled to precision from stainless steel can be accompanied by any of the aluminium backing sections.

As a consequence, you may now select the desired face and neck and couple it with any of the aluminium back components. For that reason, instead of only four models, this is really a 16-model release.

The backing pieces are chunkier in design than previous offerings from Bettinardi which is both a practical and aesthetic choice.

At this stage we cannot really comment on the feel and accuracy of these putters but as far as the look goes we’d imagine these models appeal to those who really embrace the mallet putter wholeheartedly.

There are options that will get you something that resembles the face of a blade from the front at a low angle but this range is all about the chunky design.

We know that Bettinardi haven’t just set out to make a chunky set of mallets and left it at that. Like almost every clubmaker in the world right now Bettinardi are locked into the MOI arms race.

The new INOVAI line promises improvements in your green game in several ways. First, the wide geometries and multi-material construction increase the moment of inertia. High MOI values allow putters to stay stable, even on off-center hits.

Bettinardi’s unique Roll Control™ Face grooves are another assistive technology feature. These grooves are intended to accelerate forward roll while decreasing skidding and sidespin.

The Roll Control™ Face maintains a gentle feel during impact. Pairing “crisp” with “soft” may appear improbable, yet this is how these putters feel and function according to those who have got their hands on one already.

The $400 pricepoint feels almost industry standard for a club from a maker of Bettinardi’s standing.

The slant neck is somewhat closer to the centre of the putter, and the plumber’s neck is shorter than is standard. These changes minimise the toe hang for the slant neck while increasing the toe hang for the plumber.

Keep this in mind while matching a certain neck to your stroke.